The Original Buffalo Wing and Wellington Lock

Happy belated Queen Victoria’s Day, everyone!  I hope you enjoyed your day off.  In Canada, this long weekend is the unofficial start of the summer.  Yes, it’s still raining and still below 20 degrees most days, but luckily we had glimpses of the sun this weekend. On Saturday, I had a great day of hanging […]

Florida: Universal Studios aka Harry Potter Mania!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I completely forgot that wrote this blog and didn’t post it.  This whole time I thought I had it up already!  THIS IS A GEM lol. A few weeks months ago I was just in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  My boyfriend was nice enough to go with me to this park for the Wizarding […]

Florida : St. Petersburg and Lakeland

Happy Spring!!  Normally I enjoy winter but this time, it seemed to have dragged on longer than usual.  Though, Mother Nature hasn’t stopped yet with the cold weather.  I still have my winter jacket hanging out ready for the next 3 degree Celsius day. Just as I had been talking about for months and months, […]

NYC : Visiting Lady Liberty

One weekend and on a whim, I decided that I wanted to go to New York City.  I tried to rally as many friends as possible to come with me.  I rented a car and took turns with my friends to drive the 7 hours down from the 6ix to the Big Apple.  We had […]

Chicago: Deep Dish Pizzasss!

I cannot believe that I have not written about the amazing Chi City.  Chicago: home of the deep dish pizza.  I mean, all my trips, generally are surrounded by food.  I arrived in the evening on a Thursday and was picked up by my friend.  I had a good meal at the airport (Wendy’s) so […]

Houston : Fried Chicken and Waffles

Two of my amazing cousins moved down to Houston a long time ago.  What I thought was two years ago, is actually three years ago (time passes so fast when you’re having fun!) I went to visit her.  I’m due for a second trip but I’ve been putting that off for something even more exciting […]

Kansas City : The City of Fountains

I didn’t think I would travel for work as much as I do right now but i really enjoyed my second trip with my company in Kansas City, Missouri.  Kansas City is known for the many fountains that they have around the city.  I did see many but I only took one picture of the […]