Friendships lost

Something that I’ve always had trouble with is coping with is lost friendships.  I always hold on way longer than the other person.  I recently had a fallout with a friend of mine.  It was clear that the effort that I was putting in was double or triple the amount of effort she makes with me.   I […]

Iceland : Day 1 – Rejkavik

Iceland has been doing a very good job in advertising themselves, lately.  Practically everyone I know has gone there recently or will be going soon.  I got an overwhelming amount of people messaging me, asking for details about my trip and suggestions for theirs.  In the next few weeks, I’ll write about what I did […]

Organic Farms: Apple Picking

Fall is here, and I’m celebrating.  Sweater weather is the best kind of weather.  Ignore the germ filled offices and the dried leaves, and fill your lungs full of cool air.  I invested in some new plaid shirts and pulled out my big scarves, I’m ready to roll.  Is it odd that I’m almost giddy […]

Top 10: Things to do in the Summer

Summer is such a precious thing.  Especially in Canada, because we have long and (sometimes) harsh winters that seem never ending, we want to make the most of the time when we can frolic in the sun without getting frost bite.  When the end of August comes and my favourite season of fall begins to […]

Divine Trips: Plymouth, Michigan

Concerned and worried that the hotel I was going to stay in would be a piece of sh*t and gangsters all around me, I arrive to Hilton Plymouth pleasantly surprised.  Luckily, a close friend of mine was in town for business as well and we met up all week to do things together.  I have […]