My favourite Netflix shows to vege to

As you may know, one of my goals for the year is to have one day a week that I have to myself.  Oh, I plan on Netflixing and chilling all by myself (sometimes with my boyfriend).  What’s better than a hot chocolate, a blankie and a good show?  Maybe pizza. Anyway here is my list of favourites right now:

  1. The Crown. I really respect Queen Elizabeth.  I don’t know, she just has this air about her.  But after watching this show, I somehow feel like I respect her more.  Though it may be fictional based on factual things that happened, it’s nice to get to see the going ons in side of that large palace.  Plus, I learn historical things.
  2. I’ve watched this whole series, I think 4 times already.  And I’d do it again!  Just fun and easy watching, you know?
  3. New Girl. So happy this joined the Netflix Canada family.  I’m starting from the beginning and watching the whole series.  I left if behind when I also left television cable behind about 4 seasons ago.
  4. Grace and Frankie. It’s coming back soon and I’m so excited.  The dynamic duo is just so funny.
  5. Schitt’s Creek. It’s odd.  It’s dramatic.  It leaves me rolling on the floor.
  6. The Mindy Project. I’m waiting for the last season to get to Netflix Canada and I can’t wait.  Sad that it’ll all be over, I can’t wait to see what really ends up with Mindy and her baby and her relationships and her work and… Morgan.
  7. The Good Place. The whole idea of this show is great.  It’s smart and it’s fast.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but the ending of season 1 really kept me wanting more.
  8. Master of None. No idea when this is coming back on … Sad that it’s not back yet.

A few honourable mentions:

  1. Fuller House. I usually have this on the background while I’m cleaning or something.  It’s sort of nice to see everyone back at it again.
  2. I find this show sometimes overly dramatic. Crazier and then crazier things happen.
  3. I can watch this with my boyfriend once in a while but it’s a bit too dark for me.  Makes me feel so awkward.
  4. Orange is the New Black. After season one, I’m not sure what to do with this show… but I still want to know what’s going to happen.

As you can tell, there are a lot of comedies that are listed in my favourites.  Literally one drama.  Yeah, I don’t like dark and mysterious shows or even shows that are about heartbreak.  When I get back from work, I just want to feel happy and easy.

Hope you enjoy some of these too.


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