Oahu, Hawaii: Day 7 – Banzai Pipeline, Waikiki and Pearl Harbor Memorial

We were sad to wake up to the last day of our trip.  With nothing planned, we took our time to pack and check out.  We said goodbye to our great Airbnb host and asked where we could see some surfing competitions.  Unfortunately, because some of the waves were so high, some competitions were cancelled.  But at Banzai pipeline, about 15 minutes away from the Airbnb, we were able to see some surfers trying to catch some waves.  It’s amazing how athletic these people are.  There were tons of people watching them.


Getting hungry, we headed on our way to breakfast at Kono’s restaurant in North Shore/Haleiwa.  Famous for their bombers (breakfast burritos), we each had one and I also had a coffee milkshake that was also good.  The set-up of this restaurant was much like the other places we ate.  We ordered and we picked it up and sat outside to eat.  We said goodbye to the Roosters and chickens and chicks and headed back to Waikiki.


The traffic was getting pretty busy when we were driving down to Waikiki, so instead we headed out West to Nanakuli one last time to see the beach.  We obviously took some pics of our great ride for the week before heading out to Waikiki for lunch.  On a side note, I found that the West side was less wealthy than the other places.  We saw tents that people lived in on the beaches there.


We arrived in Waikiki and ate at the Lay Low hotel’s patio restaurant called The Hide out.  I had the spicy chicken green papaya salad and Steph had the satay chicken green papaya salad.  The ingredients were so fresh and so good.  The papaya was so crunchy.  The patio had comfortable chairs and even had a ‘beach seating’ area where they had sand and a fireplace.

We didn’t stay at Lay Low but it is definitely a place we would consider the next time.  The hotel was really nice and the service was extremely good.


The last thing we did before we gassed up and returned the car was to visit Pearl Harbor Memorial.  We didn’t have much time left at the end of the day, so we just went in and snapped a few pictures, reflected a bit and headed to Thrifty to return the car.  It’s a bit overwhelming when you think, less than a century ago, a military strike happened right at the place I was standing.

And unfortunately, that marked the end of our fantastic trip in O’Ahu.  We headed to the airport via shuttle (a little early… so early that the counter wasn’t even open yet) and flew forward in time back to Toronto where we met our comfy beds and our amazing showers.

My O’Ahu, Hawaii vacation was so amazing.  I was so happy that I had gotten in every single thing that I wanted to do in the week that I was there.  Yes, the hikes were strenuous on my pour untrained body, but all of it was worth it.  Skydiving was definitely the highlight of the trip as it was the first time I had ever did it.  Using that to mark the beginning of another decade was the perfect idea.  Every minute I am back in Toronto, I miss poke and the freshest seafood I had ever eaten.  I’ve never been to Japan, but I don’t doubt that Hawaii has one of the best Japanese food industries in the world.

 And finally, to my companion on this trip.  I can’t believe we were able to stand each other for 24/7.  I think going with anyone else wouldn’t have been half as fun.  I’m so glad we did this trip and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. @the.littlebirdy.

Hope you guys liked reading about my trip.  There was no way I could take a bad picture there.

Hope you get the chance to go to this beautiful island, at least once in your lifetime.

Aloha! And mahalo for reading my blog.

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