Oahu, Hawaii: Day 6 – Pacific Skydiving, Hanauma Bay, and Waikiki Sunset

Alright.  Let’s go.  We finally woke up to clear skies!  We got up, ate our grocery store sandwiches and headed to Pacific Skydiving located at North Shore for our 7:30 am appointment.  Today, we didn’t even have to call them to confirm the weather.  Either way, we were waiting to do it.  We arrived early and was put into a learning classroom to watch a video and sign waivers.  It was sort of nerve racking to sign your life away and the liability.  But as we sat there, it got very clear that these people were professionals and nothing was going to happen to us.

My instructor was a huge joker and with that, it made me calmer with him.  My photographer was a super chill guy that was so fun to work with as well.  When our time finally came, we headed up on a propeller plane to 14,000 feet and jumped out of it.  Turns out I free fell for 60 seconds and the whole thing lasted about 5 minutes.  The feeling was phenomenal.  It’s true what they say about skydiving, you never feel the roller coaster feeling.  You jump out of the plane, and all you feel is an air pocket holding you up.  When the parachute is deployed, you get pulled back but you feel like you’re gliding down to land.  I was able to control the parachute for a little big before we landed on our bums on the grass.


All of that was surreal.  We got to see our videos and pictures before we bought them.  To save some money, I bought the pictures but the video was so alluring and I sort of regret not getting it.  It’s funny to see yourself on camera sometimes.  Once we got our pictures on USB, we headed out to lunch in Waikiki.


We wanted one more day of poke.  We Yelped and found Fresh Ahi Off the Boat.  This was my favourite poke place in Waikiki compared to Ono Seafood.  I had the local and had the raw spicy salmon with pulled pork and salsa on rice.  Steph had Pop ahi on rice.  The iced coffee was pretty great too.  This place was cheap for all this food.  Plus there was lots of parking right in front of it.

Did you notice that I hadn’t gone to the beach all week?  All of it was hiking and eating… and sleeping.  We finally hit up the beach at Hanauma Bay.  We grabbed our snorkeling gear and drove the East side of the island to this protected coral area.  We paid $7.50 USD each to get into the park. We had to watch a quick video for preservation of the coral there and walked down to the beach.  We finally put our snorkels to use and saw some awesome school of fish and huge blue and yellow finish around the infamous coral.  We lay there for an hour or so before we headed up by trolley to the top.IMG_20171026_140330.jpg

We were starving again, for some reason. Must have been the sun or the fact that we just love eating.  We headed back to Waikiki for dinner at Marakume again.  Remember? That udon place we had dinner at on the first night?  It was sort of like end our trip like how we began it.  Plus it was great comfort food on a long roller coaster of a day.


Before driving the approximate hour and fifteen minute drive home to North Shore, we stopped by the Waikiki beach to visit Duke’s statue and see the sunset on the beach.  On a side note, Duke was a Hawaiian swimmer that was in the Olympics.  When he retired, he started the Duke’s restaurant and bar that we went to on Day 2.  When we arrived on Waikiki beach, there were tons of people and that’s where we decided that the next day, we would avoid Waikiki beach even though it was so nice.

Our Airbnb host was happy to see we made it alive when we got home.  Needless to say, we slept really well that night.

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Next Day: Day 7 – Banzai Pipeline, Waikiki and Pearl Harbor Memorial


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