Top 10 Things to do for a Bachelorette party in Vegas

I can’t believe that Vegas has come and gone already!  It almost passed in a blink of an eye.  There was so much anticipation that when it was here it actually didn’t feel like we arrived in Vegas.  Living in an Air Bnb outside of the main strip, really distanced ourselves from the real true feeling of being in the bright lights of sin city.  When planning this, we quickly realized that Vegas was a crazy busy city where we wanted to everything.  But obviously, unless you live there, you won’t be able to.  So here are my must do’s for a bachelorette for Vegas:

  1. Magic Mike

This is completely worth the money, to sit up close and personal.  Make sure your bride-to-be has a sash or a veil so that they can be picked out to go on stage.  Unfortunately, we arrived late, so our bride didn’t get to go on stage.  Also, don’t mistake the show to be at Planet Hollywood, when it’s actually at Hard Rock (FML).  The talented male dancers (and this is for sure not about them dancing in almost nothing) really rocked our night.  It was easily the highlight of our trip.  Make sure your bride gets a lapdance, at least.

I do not, however, suggest a real strip club.  These are the ones that you can get a limo come pick you up to this very sleezy and greasy bar.  Where they try to force you to buy drinks.  Plus, I wouldn’t want those oiled up men touching me.  No thanks.

**sorry, couldn’t post a picture of this :p**

  1. Have a great meal at a swanky place

Our bride is a foody so we went to two great places to eat during our time there.  The first place was Giada located in the Cromwell Hotel.  The Food network famous chef  who opened this restaurant had her eyes on the prize.  Giada’s Italian food hit the spot.  We first ordered the appetizer platter (large of course) and then each had our own dishes after.  My friend had the ravioli and I had the risotto.  Both were extremely delish.

The second restaurant we went to was Cut by Wolfgang Puck.  This restaurant is located in the Pallazo hotel.  We decided to go here because of their famous steak pieces.  Without even tasting the main meal, we were extremely impressed by the service.  Ordering a bottle of wine was like some sort of show.  The waitress made sure each glass had a thin layer of wine before actually pouring the wine in the glasses.  Apparently this helps with the aroma when you drink it for the first time.  Then, the bread.  Oh, the bread.  I particularly liked their rosemary bread.  I wanted all the pieces on the waitress’ plate.  Oh, yeah and they actually brought the bread plate to each person and served them.  The cheese and garlic balls that were left on the table were equally as delicious.  Okay.. on to the steak.  My friends’ Wagyu steak was like eating butter.  I had the Australian corn fed steak and it was large and also amazingly good.  Each bite was a delight.  We had mushroom, broccoli and mashed potatoes as our sides. The only thing I would complain about is the size of their sides.  Because we were 6 people, the portions were super small. Otherwise, the freaking food was amazing.  The service was even better.

Make sure to check out the menu before heading these places.  They are quite expensive.  Though, I feel completely worth it.

  1. Have dodgy meal somewhere off the strip

I wouldn’t say Hot n’ Juicy was dodgy, considering they’re a chain of restaurants.  But you know that as you walk out of that place after a meal, there likely would be some repercussions the next day.  Aka maybe some close time with your washroom.  Luckily, all of us survived this.  I would highly recommend this restaurant if you like seafood.  Just the thought of the spices that were in my mouth is making me drool again.  So put on those gloves, and dig in.

Another place, that isn’t dodgy but is amazing to cure your hang over is Shake Shack.  Passing this place all the time in NYC but never actually going in because of the lines, I finally dipped in and got one of the greasy burgers and the cheesy fries.  Though, I think I’m getting a little too old for shakes or something because I found their cookies n’ crème shake super sweet and couldn’t finish it.


  1. Gamble

Even if you don’t like to gamble,  use 10 bucks and put it in the slot machine.  Who knows, maybe you’ll win big.  Plus they serve you free booze when you sit at the machines/tables in the casino.  Just remember, manage your losses and make sure you walk away when you win.


  1. Pool Party

We had a pool in our Air Bnb so we didn’t go to a pool party.  We had our own pool party.  It was extremely hot, we stayed in the pool until we were wrinkly.  Make sure you put on and keep putting on sun screen when you are in Vegas.  The sun is deathly.  One day, we even ordered Domino’s pizza because we were so lazy to get out of the house.  Plus the pool was so good.


  1. Dance the night away at a club

XS, Republik, etc.  All these clubs are great to start your bachelorette scavenger hunt.  Take tons of pictures, get drunk and make sure the bride gets tons of free drinks from people.  From Calvin Harris to the Chainsmokers, you can’t go wrong with the music these artists play.  Put on your dancing shoes and bring some bags in case someone pukes.  Don’t forget to get tickets before hand.  These shows will be sold out pretty quickly.


  1. Walk the Strip

Um, let’s say this should be a given.  Make sure the bride has one of those large slushie alcoholic drinks and you’re ready to go.  Make sure she’s wearing her veil and still following that bachelorette scavenger hunt.  So many people will congratulate her or even warn her as she walks down the strip.  Make sure to take a picture at the Paris Eiffel Tower and take a video at the Bellagio water fountain.


  1. High Rollin’ on the Linq

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up going on the Linq because there were a few people that were scared of heights.  But by the look of it, this is extremely fun.  Open bar?  Are you kidding me?  With an amazing view at sunset would top it off.  I’ll have to make sure to do this the next time in I’m Sin city.

  1. Shopping

Home to two big shopping malls and other small ones around the hotels, from Prada to Urban Outfitters, you’ll find a huge variation of places to shop in Vegas.  This is a woman’s dream come true.  We went the morning after we had too much drink to pace ourselves before another night of partying was going to happen.  Though the Canadian dollar is still low, my friend bought a FCUK dress for only 70 USD.  I wasn’t particularly in the mood for shopping, but I got excited when I saw a ton of Instax filters and frames.  I went a little over board with my spending.

  1. Spa

Another thing that we missed out on. Originally, we were planning to go to Sahra Spa and Hammam at The Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Unfortunately they didn’t have space for all six of us.  We sort of waited a little last minute for it.  But before the disappointment, we were excited to sit in the steam room or the sauna, sipping on a refreshing cocktail.  Oh well.  Make sure you book it early!

There you have it.  My must dos at a bachelorette party in Vegas.  It’s a lot.  Make sure you budget wisely and not spend 100 bucks just on souvenirs.  To make sure your bride-to-be girlfriend has the best time of her life, make sure you double check with what sort of things she expects.  A few tips of making a bachelorette extra special is to make a ‘Oh Shit Kit!’ and put it into a Bachelorette kit for all the girls on the trip.  Make sure you document the whole thing well but make a pact to not speak about it at the end of the trip.  Most importantly stay safe.  Vegas can be a pretty scary place if you turned the wrong corner.

Have tons of fun… I know you will :p


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