Labour Day long and an Update

I don’t think I’ve truly recovered from the wanderlust feels that I got since when I went to Vegas.  When I head to work, I just daydream about my next destination (Hawaii).  Though, I know I would never be able to leave my job to be a full time travel blogger, a girl can dream… or in this case, day dream.

By Friday morning, I was ready to head home for the long Labour Day weekend.  Starting up the weekend with my boyfriend making Chicken Tikka Masala and Pakoras for dinner.  Then headed to a party where I made my famous Jalapeno dip and tried these pills made of ‘magic berries’.  No, it’s not some sort of drug.  It’s actually a berry that makes food taste sweeter than they usually did.  After letting the berry pill melt on my tongue, I ate a full slice of lemon.  It tasted like candy.  If you want to try it, you can find these on Amazon.

Saturday morning, I got up and was ready for a full day of checking things off my list.  After running my errands, I headed out with my girlfriends for a ‘hike’ at Too Good Pond in Unionville.  Honestly, you probably couldn’t call this a hike.  The floors are paved and bridges were built.  We were too afraid of ticks, so we didn’t end up going to Rouge River park to hike (there is a warning right now).  Nonetheless, Too Good is just as beautiful.  We watched some duckies chase each other in the water and bumped into some chipmuck friends.


Heading home for that night, we used Just Eat for the first time and had Thai food from Stars of Thai.  I must admit, the food was great!  I’d definitely go back there to eat. For the rest of the night there were more shenanigans and we watched Moana while we drank white wine.  I made this housewarming present for my friend and we definitely used it.  i made her a movie night gift basket.


Sunday morning was pretty uneventful.  I ran some more errands until my boyfriend came to pick me up for a drive.  We drove from Toronto to Sutton.  We drove through cottage country and enjoyed the view of Lake Simcoe at the end of our drive.  Then I introduced him to The Owl of Minerva Korean food for dinner and he loved it.  It definitely hit the spot.  That evening we were going to duel it out via billiards, but instead we headed home and vege’d out.


Monday came way too quickly.  I made some raspberry hand pies to surprise my boyfriend.  I put them in a bag and put them in his school bag for his first day back.  I hope he likes them!  I could have had better luck  making the pie crust but it’ll take practice.  In the evening, I tricked him into watching Kingsmen: The Secret Service.  This is one of my favourite movies.


And then back to work on Tuesday 😦  Hope you had a great long weekend!


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