What to put in a Bachelorette kit

img_20170730_130841.jpgThe Vegas bachelorette weekend is in 10 days.  I can’t believe it!  I feel like we’ve been waiting forever.  Anyway, I finally sat down and did some thorough planning for the trip.  I googled cheap eats so that we have places to eat during lunch when we are on the strip, perusing.  This is especially important if you are on a budget.  Brides don’t usually expect you to pay for everything, but as a group, you’ll want to do that for them.  The trip itself isn’t very cheap, so every dollar not spent is a dollar you put in more for the bride.

I spent tons of time looking at free and cheap things to do during the day too.  Turns out, there’s tons to see without having to pay for much.  But it’s clear that things really just happen during the evenings.

This weekend, I stormed Dollarama and found some great stuff for the bachelorette kit.  This is even a surprise for the other bridesmaids.  Trying to choose between a tank top that said ‘Bride Squad’ or sunglasses that said ‘Bride squad’ to little cups that said ‘Bride squad’.  I ended up getting cute little plastic milk jar drink containers and personalized them with a sticker of the person’s first letter from their first name.

Then I made a ‘Oh Shit kit’ to tackle the tough hang overs I presume we will have.  If you want to see what I put in the hang over kit, check here.

IMG_20170730_130904What’s a bachelorette without penis paraphernalia? I picked up some penis straws and some penis lollipops.  I got all these from Spencers.  I’m sure we’ll have a field day taking pictures with those.  I also added a sparkler for the excitement.

I’ll give the ladies these personalized brown baggies before we head onto the plane.   Something that isn’t pictured here are the little mini bottles I’m going to ask people to drink before we head on the plane.  I mean, shouldn’t we start the party right at 10 am in the morning?

Can’t wait to celebrate with my girls in Vegas.  It’ll be my first time there with them.  Do you have any ideas on cheap eat, cheap things to do, or other bachelorette things we should do?


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