Starting the Summer Right

Toronto is such an amazing city.  It has anything you can ask for.  About last night…

I start off the night eating at Sabai Sabai Thai restaurant.  The food was excellent.  Not knowing anything about it, I assumed it was a hole in the wall.  Oh, how wrong was I?  Located a Bloor and Yonge, right across from the Marriot hotel and below the Firkin, you’ll see a set of stairs leading culinary heaven.

Starving from a long day of work, the boyfriend and I ordered food to share.  Starting with the national dish of Laos, minced pork lettuce wrap ‘Laap Lao’, then two entrees including Massaman curry and Street style tossed noodles.

A little surprised when the lettuce wrap came (though in Chinese culture, we also have something similar), my boyfriend enjoyed the ability to make his own ‘lettuce tacos’.  It was a lot of lime juice and a lot of cilantro but paired with the lettuce and the saltiness of the minced meat, it was delicious.

The Massaman curry was my favourite.  The braised beef in it was tender and the potatoes, in their spherical form, were cooked perfectly with a side of tangy curry taste and a hint of peanut.  As I believe most people do, I had one scoop of rice with almost most of the bowl of curry as an excuse to drink the curry.  What? There was some rice in there.

The Street style tossed noodles reminded me of Pad Thai.  It had chicken and bean sprouts and it was di-vine.  I was a little ashamed when I almost finished the whole plate.

For dessert, I bought a cake for my friend’s birthday from Nadege.  Not overly in your face, the Rosedale bakery had a line of shelves on the right and a display case on the left.  Just looking at all the pasteries made me drool and hover and forgetting to take pictures.

Le Mancha was the cake that ordered online.  The combination of blackberries and the crème brulee texture above and below the cake was so good.  I’m not usually a fan of fruit purees in cakes, but this worked very well.

Our last stop was The Addison.  This place is supposed to be like a house.  There is a ‘lawn’ and a living room.  It was Hawaii night.  They had people doing fire dances, a tiki bar, and waitresses were dressed in grass skirts.  They also had live music which was a woman with a violin playing music to the DJ’s 90s pop remixes.  It was a little odd but I must admit, the woman was extremely talented (and not to mention, beautiful).  The promise of lawn games was what drew my friend to choose this place: gigantic Connect Four, gigantic Jenga, foosball tables, and boardgames.  I mean, the novelty of it was great at first, but then when it got crowded it was hard to move around.  The chairs were really just cushions on the floor or really hard patio furniture.  And as a woman in high heels and a skirt, this isn’t your best friend.  They did have some pretty comfy bean bag chairs though.


That atmosphere in The Addison was cool.  The patio area was super romantic with their artisan lights and the blue flame fireplaces.  But if you went inside, you had to line up to get back outside.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older, but it was very difficult to have a conversation there. If it’s a bar, why did it feel like a club?  My favourite part of this place was my ability to see the stars even so deep into the city.

All in all, an amazing night celebrating my bestie.  We all had a great time, full of food and romantic atmosphere.


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