Easy Washii Tape Toothpick Flags

So, my bestie is getting married.  The other bridesmaids and I are planning an amazing tea party themed bridal shower for her at the end of the month.  We are going all out for the party.  We’ve found old tea cups, saucers, and pretty plates.. yes, real plates… from Value Village.  Side note, I’m in love with Value Village.  I mean mostly second hand stuff isn’t as gross as it may sound.  We have paper flower walls and glittery name signs.  I’ll put up a post on it later, I’m sure.

Being my first DIY post, I’m going to post about something super easy: Washii tape flags.  We’re planning to use this on our pineapple and sausage apps at the bridal shower.  Originally, I thought I had some cupcake ones that already said celebrate on it, but I couldn’t find them.  Instead, I found the washii tape that I bought from Michaels over a year ago (at a relatively high price, I might add).


What you’ll need:

  • Tooth picks (as many as you want to make)
  • Washii tape that you like
  • Scissors

I had double pointed tooth picks so I cut off one end and left one side pointy and the other stubby.  You can also buy toothpicks that are only pointy on one side.  You can find these easily at the dollar store.

Cut your washii tape approximately half an inch longer than the desired length you want it at the final product.  I cut one and then used that length to measure the rest of them.

Then align one of the long edges along the flat top of the toothpick and position the toothpick off center.  The reason why you do this is because when you fold the tape over, in order to fold it exactly in half, it has to wrap around the toothpick too.  Align the ends of the washii tape and press.  Make sure that the tape is fully connected and stuck onto the toothpick (that’s the most important part).


And that’s it!  Use it for whatever you’d like.  These are so cute on cupcakes.


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