10 Must do Things in 10 Different Places

Every place in the world has their special thing that you have to do, especially if you’re an adrenaline junkie.  Overtime, what level of adrenaline junkie I am.  I bet I’m a Level 3 out of 10.  But nonetheless, I’ve compiled a list of places that I would love to do, and the main attraction that would bring me there.

Here’s my list:

1. Skydiving in Hawaii

Think about this.  Blue waters, tiny islands below you and warm air flying through your hair (well I guess not so much when you’re up high in the airplane).  Sure, skydiving is available anywhere, but you’re doing it for the view.  And Hawaii sure has the view.

2. Glacier hiking in Iceland

It sounds tiring but it’s extremely worth it.  Naïve people like me, just strolled up and down the glacier, slipping a few times but you don’t feel like you’re in that much danger until the guide reminds you that the ice might actually be melting below you and at any point you could fall in and die.  I mean, with the right guides, it’s super safe.

3. Ziplining in Costa Rica

Talk about being a monkey.  Flying above the tall tropical trees, Costa Rica has the longest Ziplines in the world. It feels super safe because you’re all harnessed in and you can control your speed.

4. Drive through the Safari in Kenya/Zimbabwe

To see real life lions just running beside your car? To see giraffes and zebras alike chilling under a tree?  To see cougars pouncing on their prey?  No zoo can replace that type of experience.

5. Hike Machu Picchu
One of the oldest cultures, the Incan people who are indigenous to the area, would be a great experience seeing how differently they had lived many years ago and until now.

6. See the Northern Lights Finland

This isn’t necessarily for the adrenaline junkie, but it’s beautiful.  I once ‘bumped into’ the Northern lights when I was walking home from dinner in Iceland.  Finland has these glass igloo type hotels that let you watch the sky at night.  Imagine sleeping under the wavy skies green and purple.

7. Climbing a volcano in Japan

Mount Fuji?  Hell yes! Did you know that there are 10 volcanos that are still active all around the world?  Fuji is one that anyone can climb up and see.  It’s an iconic Japanese landmark.

8. Diving in Australia

Sad, but the Great Barrier Reef is getting bleached more and more each day.  Soon enough the place will be all gone, and no sea life around it.  Time is ticking, but this is almost a once in a lifetime thing.

9. Ride a camel in Egypt

This would be horrifying but amazing.  When I ride horses, they do not listen to me because I do not present myself as an alpha.  I would assume that the camels would do the same thing.  I once rode a camel in Thailand but it a super controlled space.  Can you imagine?  I’m excited just thinking about doing this.

10. Hot air balloon in Turkey

The biggest hot air balloon festival is Cappadocia in Turkey.  Thousands of balloons float to the air together and make an amazing picturesque view.  I’d love to ride a hot air balloon, and especially if it were in this festival.  Think of the photo ops!

I know this list will change over time, be it if I actually do these things or as I get older what I want changes.  I know there’s tons of other things like bungee jumping or helicopter (with no doors) riding, but these are the things that would make my life if I’ve done them.  So let’s see where life brings me.


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