Updates :)

Well hello there! It’s been awhile.

Here are somethings that I’ve been up to:

  1. Doors Open Toronto: I try to do this every year because I love free stuff. On this weekend, selected buildings are open to the public for free.  This year, I chose to go to the Legislative Office and the Elgin Winter Theatre (super whimsical).  I also picked up a photo book full of cool pictures of the last 150 years of Canada.  Yep, Canada is officially turning the big 1-5-0. Can’t wait to celebrate.
  2. Sushi Buritto: There was kale in it. I do not like kale.  It was awkward and super messy to eat.  I couldn’t even put wasabi, which is the best part of sushi, on the burrito without getting a mouth full of it.  Not a fan.  Sorry Rolltation. IMG_20170603_123910
  3. Sweet Jesus: Nope, this wasn’t some sort of religious venture. This place is an amazing ice cream place.  I had a Nutella ice cream and it made me use the Lord’s name in vain.  This made up for the sushi burrito… sorry again.IMG_20170603_134710
  4. Marinella: Talk about handmade pasta, hand made sauce and freaking hand made buns! Boyfriend and I walked into this place on the way to a show and, let me tell you, it was worth every freaking second/penny. (Was starving and forgot to take pics…)
  5. Army of Sass: Divas Show: Not by boyfriend’s scene, but I nonetheless dragged him to this awesome show which he agreed afterwards worth it. I have to support my girls even if I’m not part of it.  As usual, the show was an amazing production.  Sick choreo and a lot of sexy, sweaty dancing.  Catch me in the next show in Fall at the Mod Club!
  6. Friend’s wedding: At the Shangri-la in Markham, I celebrated one of my close friends’ love by MC-ing the wedding of their dreams. An extremely touching and lovely day. (Just feeling my sunglasses….)IMG_20170610_074651
  7. The Ballroom: For my friends’ bday, I went to this bowling alley right in Toronto clubbing district (well, the clubbing district that I used to know – Richmond and John).  Food was alright, bowling was expensive.  But the atmosphere was great!IMG_20170623_221702

Toronto is full of fun things to do.  I plan to discover my city more this summer.  Keep visiting to read more awesome places to be.

Also, less than a month and a half before I celebrate my girl’s bachelorette in Vegas.  Can’t wait.

Got other big trips happening. 🙂

Start your summer jam. xo


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