The Original Buffalo Wing and Wellington Lock

Happy belated Queen Victoria’s Day, everyone!  I hope you enjoyed your day off.  In Canada, this long weekend is the unofficial start of the summer.  Yes, it’s still raining and still below 20 degrees most days, but luckily we had glimpses of the sun this weekend.

On Saturday, I had a great day of hanging out with my nephews and nieces.  I was babysitting them with one of my sisters as they went to Niagara for an anniversary trip.  I rarely spend time with the kiddies anymore on this level.  It was a great excuse to watch Aladdin and Boss Baby.  FYI, Boss Baby is cute and funny (as Pixar always does, they have little jokes that only adults would understand).

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I drove to Buffalo to see the Buffalo Bison’s.  Did you know that this team is the minor league team that supports the Blue Jays?  The game was close but the Bison’s managed to pull a win against the Pawtucket team.  It was raining by the eighth inning but we stuck it through.  Afterwards, because we ate Buffalo’s famous Reuben sandwich and huge ice cream sundae/parfait, we weren’t hungry.  We drove around the city.  I never knew how beautiful Buffalo was until we drove through La Fayette.  It was like we were in a movie set.

We stopped at the Albright Knox Art Gallery, only to find out that they were closing in half an hour.  The sculptures outside really made me intrigued of what was inside.  I’ll definitely go back.  Then we drove around the city a little bit more before we arrived at Anchor Bar.

Anchor Bar is where the Buffalo wing originated.  The wing was first served in 1964 and was created by Teressa Bellissimo.  The restaurant was covered in photos of signed celebrity portraits and the restaurants paraphernalia.  It even had a small gift shop.  It was clear this was a tourist spot because the food was only mediocre but the portions were huge.  I’d much rather go to St. Louis’ for some ‘hotter than hell’ wings.

On the way home, we drove through Niagara-On-the-Lake and stopped at the last Wellington Lock.  We were lucky enough to see a big ship coming through.  We even met some nice Zimbabwe tourists that were very intrigued by the whole mechanism.

Oh yeah, why don’t I have pictures to support my trip?  I left in a hurry and forgot my phone in my car.  Needless to say, my boyfriend was really happy I was disconnected for once.

The mini trip took a whole lot out of me, so on Monday I spent the day with my #GirlBoss book and some knitting.  Oh right, and some Kimmy Schmidt too.

What did you do this long weekend?


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