Toronto: FAT

If you’ve read my blog, you know that I have a bucket list.  Every year I try to cross off five things on my list.  One of the things I wanted to get off the list was to go to a fashion show.  Since Toronto recently shut down the fashion week here (though it may be coming back), my friend and I decided to go to the Fashion Art Toronto show during the second last weekend of April.

It was interesting.  I can’t say I understand art at all but it was cool to see two actresses putting beards on each other and doing some emotional dancing in front of a mirror.  The earlier portion of the fashion show really confused me because of the short film.  It was artsy and I’m pretty sure everyone was confused.  The first round of models came out and it was the most minimalistic designs I’ve ever seen.  My bestie and I just glanced at each other once in awhile.  Luckily, the more dramatic clothing came out in the next portion of the show.  It was really cool to see everything.  But some of the models seemed pretty amateurish.

We left right after the second portion because we were starving.  I think they’d make a killing if they sold food.  We went to Kingyo.  A Japanese restaurant famous for their pork belly and Udon.  I think for what it was worth, it was fairly regularly priced for a Japanese place.  I’d go there again.

Amazing experience, but don’t think I’ll be going to another fashion show any time soon.  But at least I checked it off my list.


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