Raptors 905 : Playoff game

It must be spring because I’ve come out of hibernation and actually am doing things around Toronto.  Through Travelzoo, I saw that there was a deal on going to see a Raptors 905 playoff game at the Hershey’s Center in Mississauga.


My first game that I saw was against the Maine Red Claws (what a hilarious name for a team).  It was my boyfriend’s first basketball game, ever.  He enjoyed it and I enjoyed it.  It was a bit of trek for us to get there but we made it after work.  It’s a great way to see quality basketball without paying the price for it.  Better yet, they won the Eastern Conference Champ title.

A few days ago, we decided to go to one of the final games.  They played against the Rio Grande Vipers.  I googled it.  They play home games in Texas.  We won (of course, no doubt at all).  To support the team, Derozan, Caroll and Noguiera showed up.  I thought that was very nice of them.  Though I love basketball very much, I honestly think the part where the mascot comes out and does dances and makes the crowd cheers is the best part.

Today they will play their final game.  It’s ‘do or die’.  When they win, they’ll be crowned Playoff Champs.

Good luck Raptors 905.  I believe in you. I’ll be streaming your game and I promise to come to more of them in the future.

Oh right, good luck to the Raptors.  I also believe in you.  Keep your head up and make sure you get those rebounds.  I hope they win the series against Milwaukee.



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