Hot Chocolate and Orange Juice

I had the great pleasure to be introduced to a group called Khaki Snack a few months ago when they first played at the Cloak and Dagger (College and Spadina area).  This group originated from Queen’s University, where a friend of mine had gone.  He brought me to the first show in a very long time and told me extensively how funny they were.

Two guys on guitars and one on tambourine, bongos or bass guitar.  While main singer Dave usually sang as back up singer Chris accompanied him, Derek would sing one or two songs here and there.

With songs like ‘Hot Chocolate and Orange Juice’ and ‘Three Types of Pimps’, who can say no to going to such a fun show?  While the first show we had gone to was busy when we arrived slightly late, we got prime seats at their next show at the same place.

I really appreciate the random things that they sang about, but their ability to keep straight faces while they about things like waffles and Tina Fey with apple juice completely amazes me.

What’s even better is that they have a small group that always comes out to watch them.  Who know all the words their songs and jam out with them.  The atmosphere was contagious and so fun.

Don’t miss out on their next show… whenever that may be.  You don’t want to miss out on their ode to the former Blue Jays teams and they even sing about serious things like the Iraqi war.

PS. At the second show, Chris plays a set after Khaki Snack finished.  The bassist did covers ranging from Tool to Rage Against the Machine to The Little Mermaid.   It was magical.



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