Aging and Health

Happy February, everyone!  My birthday is coming up and I’m becoming more and more aware that as I age, muscles hurt more, my digestive system can’t take as much and my hair falls out when I am stressed.  That and also I do not fit into my clothes as I did before Christmas.  I had a resolution of losing weight once January came by.  But with party after party because of Chinese New Year and my birthday, I’ve noticed that the weight has not only been going but it has been adding.  In addition to that, I am feeling less energetic and more grumpy.  I knew the truth, my nemesis is sugar.  Well, and maybe will power.

In the midst of holiday cookies, birthday cake and ice cream, I forgot about my health.  Like most people during the holidays, I neglected my exercise and my meditation.  [Okay, can we take a moment and realize that I just said meditation?  I speak about it like I do it all the time.  I didn’t.  Until last summer when I went to the yoga retreat and I realized that it actually really helped me.  In line with my resolution of keeping calmer this year, I have actually been meditating once a week.  I digress.]

Realistically, I have so many dinners to go to for the next week until my birthday, I have decide starting February 10th I will be cutting out artificial sugars.    Meaning, no more cookies or cake.  Especially, no more ice cream, even when I’m PMSing.  That will be extremely hard, let me tell you.  I’m going to keep this up for a month because studies show that if you keep with something for 17 days, you will make it a habit.  Plus a month is so much easier to gauge.

Once the month is over, the cravings will stop (mostly) and I’ll be able to control myself way better with sugar.  So, I hope.  It did work for me before.

With this, I hope this will help me with my overeating and get my mindset back on health.  I find that people often complain that healthy eating is hard but my rule I always go by is ‘everything in moderation’.  If you overdo the health craze (drinking green smoothies, eating salads, no crabs) it’ll make you crave things way more than you should.  Vice versa, if you eat too much sugary and fast foods, you get unhealthier every time you take a bite.

I’m by no means a health expert, nor am I fit or (currently) at a weight I want to be at.  But I realized once I started working out three times a week, I looked forward to those exercises.  When I began eating salad more often, I started feeling lighter and my digestive system was also thanking me.  And the best part of a healthier lifestyle?  Healthy mental health.  When I’m active and eating better, I feel happier and better about myself.  Not because of my weight but because I know I’m doing something good for myself.

This blog was a whole lot about my experiences and babble.  But here are two articles that have been so helpful to me.  I’ve listed them here:

Let’s all work towards a happy and healthier life.


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