Birthdays and Cross Stitching

Well, hello there.  It’s been awhile.  The holidays were crazy for me and I’m finally settling down to my regular crazy life again.  I must say, 2017 has really been treating me well.  Last week, my family and friends threw a big party for me because I am turning, *ahem*, an age.  It was Pinterest-worthy.  Just take a look at what they did!


I think I got knitting and crocheting down pat, pretty well.  I do have some big projects that I hope to do within the next few months.  More on that later.  Yesterday, I went to my first workshop of 2017.  It also happened to be my first workshop that I went alone to this year.  See, before I had met my current boyfriend, I did so much alone.  It included going to the movies, eating dinner and (definitely) craft workshops.  There shouldn’t be any shame in spending time alone.  Besides, it’d be pretty difficult to live life not being able to hang out by yourself.

I went on our local event page and began clicking away on things that I was possibly interested in.  I found this really cute and affordable workshop for cross stitching.  It’s called Cross Stitching with Caitlin.  It’s held at the Left Field Brewery in Toronto (close to Greektown area) where Caitlin works during the day.  For a mere $35, you get a kit with everything you need: embroidery hoop, small cross stitch needle, aida (the fabric that you cross stitch on), thread, pattern, instructions, and a ticket for a beer.  Look, you could sell me a workshop on watching grass grow, as long as you feed me beer.

I arrived, really early but spend about 20 minutes driving around trying to find a parking spot where I wasn’t creeped out.  I ended up parking where Caitlin specifically suggested which was the residential street next to the little alleyway of a street the brewery is on.  All that aside, when I arrived, I was greeted by a smiling face in plaid and she gave me my kit and told me to find a spot to sit.

First things first, I thought to myself: Beer!  Left Field Brewery had a lot of choices of beer they brew in-house.  I chose the coffee tasting stout that hit the spot.  It was called Brick and Mortar.  I saw that one of the bartenders was also roasting a marshmallow with a hand torch.  Turns out those were put into the marshmallow tasting stout: Sweet Jesus!  Don’t worry, I bought some to try and it was fantastic.

Sipping my beer, Caitlin began to teach us some fundamentals of cross stitching.  It wasn’t hard to learn at all.  We put the aida into the hoop and anchored our thread with her mom’s special way.  We were on our way… to cursing and blinding ourselves because everything was so small. I chose the pattern that said “You have a ‘pizza’ my heart”, where the pizza was an actual picture of a slice of pizza.  In the two hour workshop, I managed to get all the pepperonis and the cheese done.

Before leaving, I picked up some beer for home and an extra kit because it is just too darn cute not to have more.  After my second go at it, I’m sure I will be able to make my own pattern.

Since then, I finished up the pattern.  Check it out:


I’m going to frame it along with two other patterns.

I think you should start cross stitching too. It’s just too cute to say no to.


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