Day 7: Blue Lagoon and Pho


Our last official day in Reykjavik was super bittersweet.  Nat and I woke up somewhat early to try to see some puffins.  Puffins are penguin like birds that have a beak like a toucan.   Apparently they were out at sea, and we wouldn’t be able to see them from the main shore of Iceland.  I’d suggest booking a boat tour if you really want to see them.  You can’t really get close anyway, so I’m not sure if it’s really worth it.

We headed home and made instant noodles (we brought them from home) and then headed to the Blue Lagoon.  This is a man made hot spring.  Do not be fooled.  We had the package that included a bathrobe, towel, slippers, two masks and a drink.  We spent almost 4 hours here.  Something that frustrated me was the lack of organization at the hangers outside of the lagoon.  This is where you put your robe so you can get it when you get out of the water.  Mine got stolen because there was no designated spots.  And if there was, no one followed it.   Either way, I got a new one from the bar.  I found the locking bracelet system very efficient because it was also used as a drink buyer.  When you leave you just pop the bracelet into a slot which was really cool.  No surprise, that the products that they sold were super expensive but I’m sure they all work, I just didn’t try them.

img_20160926_141306I was happy to see that the water didn’t smell like sulfur.  The water was murky blue and steam was lifting off the water because it was so hot.  The lagoon is usually at around 38 degrees Celsius all year.  When we were ready, we went up to the mask bar and got our first Silicone mask that hardens and can be washed off from the water.  We roamed around the big ‘pool’ and arrived at the falls to have our backs massaged by the falling water.  Then we got out to check out the steam room and sauna.  They were both pretty busy.  I’m not a big fan of sitting in a room awkwardly with a large group of people, sweating.  Closer to the end of our time, we put the Algae mask on and continued to bask in the water.  However, soon enough, I was so relaxed that I couldn’t keep my body up anymore.  On top of that, we could see a wave of people were leaving and there would be a long line at the showers, so we headed there to get a good spot.  Before we left, we picked up our complimentary drink.  I got a smoothie and it was great.

I was iffy in going to this lagoon because I thought it was too commercialized.  In the end I was very impressed by it.  I did feel very relaxed and it was a great way to end our very hectic trip.  Make sure to book your time to go in before you go, it’s crazy busy.  I had a friend who tried to go the day of and couldn’t get in.  We paid around $90 CAD for our package.

That evening we found a Vietnamese pho place to eat dinner.  It was called Pho Vietnamese and it was close but not in the city center area (more south of the main shopping street).  The service was great and the food was authentic.  How did we know? Because we’re from Toronto and we’ve had authentic pho before… but also because the people that ran the place were Vietnamese.  With spring rolls, it cost us about $40 CAD which was our cheapest meal, the whole trip!


I arrived back to the air bnb, thinking we would finish our movie but I just passed out on the bed.

The next morning we woke up and cleaned up.  We headed to the airport around noon.  Returning the car was quick because there was no line (surprisingly) and we took the shuttle back to the airport.  Going through security was quick and more efficient than Toronto Pearson.  When we got in, I finally ate fish and chips at one of the stations (it was pretty good) and then bought a ton of souvenirs.

It upset me that when we arrived back to Toronto, they kept us in the plane because “customs was too busy” at Pearson.  We were stuck in the airplane for an hour and half.  I digress.  When I finally got home, I was sad that our week was over already but happy that I was in my comfortable bed.

Otherwise, I had so much fun! I’d highly recommend Iceland to anyone that asks.  Off to plan my next adventure…


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