Iceland : Day 4 – Vik

By now, you can see why I can’t just put all of my trip on one blog post because we managed to do so much in the 7 days we were in Iceland.  I imagine I will be recovering from this trip until a week after I’ve arrived back to Canada.

Day four was supposed to be a sleeping in day.  Nope.  I woke up fairly early and made breakfast for everyone then began cleaning up so that we could check out and begin our long drive to Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon.  After the not-so-great Air bnb we had just stayed at, we were all very excited to sleep at a new and fancy hotel in the country.  We were too late to book Ion hotel but found Fosshotel close enough to our next tour for day five and also was told that it was a prime place to see the Northern Lights.

We were surprised to see sunny skies, because the last few days were rainy and windy, as we drove towards Fosshotel.  Because it was so sunny, we decided to stop at Seljalandfoss waterfall to take some pictures.  One of the sights that Justin Bieber had filmed at in his music video ‘Show me’, we walked behind the falls and got tons of pictures.  Note that you can walk behind the waterfall.  Make sure you wear rain coat and pants for this.  It also gets quite cold in the back there.

img_20160923_152400On the way there, we were snacking on these ‘chips’ that are called Gestus’ Knasende Sprode Flaeske-Svaer.  A mouthful, I know.  If you’ve ever had Chinese bbq roasted pork, this is how the crispy skin tastes like.  It’s so rich that you can’t have too much of it but it’s worth a try.

Back to the matters at hand.  We reached Vik around lunch time and checked out the outside of the cave.  This cave is said to have a monster instead but was trapped inside after the cave was closed off after a volcano eruption.  The cave had many different shape rocks that were all eroded down by the stormy sea.  On this black sand beach, we also saw a natural arc, hole in a cliff, one might say.  On the other side of the beach, you’ll see two rocks standing on their own.  There is a myth that those rocks are actually two trolls were frozen by a man who found them trying to steal his wife.

Black sand beaches are made because of the ashes coming from volcanoes.  This black sand beach is very close to the biggest volcano in Iceland, Katla.  Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Katla possibly erupting soon because of some noticeable earthquakes coming from surrounding areas.  The last time the volcano erupted was in 1918.  It’s brother volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, erupted only a mere 6 years ago.  It, too, is very close to Vik.

img_20160923_222044Driving through another storm, we arrive at Fosshotel where we were greeted by warmth of a new hotel.  The service wasn’t great, we didn’t feel super welcomed but we were just happy we made it safely to the hotel.  Because they were new, we were upset that they didn’t have a sign outside showing the entrance.  We had missed it twice.  This is where we solidified our lesson: ‘don’t go on unpaved roads, they often don’t bring you where you want to go’.  The staff in the restaurant were better, welcoming us to stay behind even after they were to be closed at 10pm to eat.  I had the best pork loin and the best red wine on this trip.  To be fair, we haven’t had dinner out in a while. My meal was about $70 CAD.

That night, my friend was kept up all night because of the storm outside but I slept like a baby.  The big windows in th room would have been a great way to see the Northern Lights, if weather wasn’t so bad.

Sleeping in a comfortable bed, I didn’t want to wake up for our glacier hike the next day. Day Five.


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