Iceland : Day 3 – The Silfra & Golden Circle

Day three was an insanely busy day.  It is the day we visit the Golden Circle which includes: The Geysir, Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss waterfall.

img_0037We started off with breakfast a-la-marina and then began to head to the Geysir.  Geysir is a hot spring that ‘explodes’ every 5-7 minutes.  It is a large hole in the floor and you’ll see it bubbling with heat and steam.  Then suddenly, ‘boom!’, the hot water is pushed up in the air between 5 to 10 feet high.  People standing around waiting for it to do it again for a video or a picture.  Around it, there is the little Geysir that never erupts and then there’s a hot spring that is also roped up for safety reasons.  At the middle of the hill, you will find a sundial and a great view of the farm land around the Geysir.

Our next stop was the Gullfoss waterfall.  Named as the “Golden falls” with a stone memorializing Sigridur, depicting her profile, this fall has two steps that are perpendicular to each other. The water is then rushed into a river in a valley area.  The river that feeds Gullfoss is called Hvita.  It was a breathtaking powerhouse, grander than the Niagara Falls that you can find in North America.

dscn0208Our final stop was Thingvellir National Park (we essentially drove back and forth… we essentially should have started at Gullfoss and walked our way back to Thingvellir).  This is where Nat and I took about two hours getting into dry suits that almost choked us to death and jumped into the cold water of the Silfra and touched the North American plate and the Eurasian plate at the same time.  The two plates are moving away from each other about 2cm a day (10 m a year) but is filled in by lava when an eruption occurs.  The very blue waters are worth the long preparation to get into the water.  I have a pretty crappy water camera and so I feel like the pictures don’t do this any justice.  The only thing I was a little upset about was not stopping to take a picture between the two plates.  I was too preoccupied of not getting my face kicked in my another snorkeler.  I imagine scuba diving would be even better.  This diving trip cost around $250 CAD.

While my friend and I were frolicking in the waters and drinking the hot chocolate and biscuits Dive IS provided us (Note: the entertaining and nice people of Dive IS were very patient with us non-dry suit wearers.  I commend them and thank them), our other friends were hiking out in Thingvellir.  They found a waterfall that was hidden behind a rock.  It was a 15 km hike but it was worth it.

img_20160921_221124In the evening, we headed to a new air bnb for another home cooked meal.  This place, less sulfur smelling water and much cleaner.  FYI, Bonus grocery stores always close around 6pm.  Kronan, the other grocery store, usually closes around 9 pm but are more expensive.  We snuck in after 9 and almost got kicked out.  All in all, we made a great dinner.




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