Iceland : Day 2 – Snaefellness Volcano

Jet lagged, I woke up right on time at 8 am and cooked breakfast for the sleeping beauties in the apartment.  Yep, even in Iceland, am I the mother of my friends.  At the breakfast table, we talked about what we prepared to do for the day and headed out in the car towards our first road trip.


We stopped for the first time at this bridge.  There were no names listed anywhere, no signs, but we snapped some pictures and went on our way.  There are a lot of stops like this but this was the only one we actually stopped at.

Going North of the city, we headed four hours on the ring road towards Snaefellnesjokull.  This is the volcano that was featured in the movie “Journey to the center of the Earth”.  This is the national park that holds one of the stratovolcanoes, of many, in Iceland: Snaefellnes volcano.  Albeit, we got lost.  The Google GPS told my friend to turn right on a small road that took us to a small falls.  But good news was, we saw some pretty horses to take pictures with and then headed back onto the ring road.


I took the reins and drove another hour or so to the park.  Arriving, close to sundown, we snapped some pictures of the pretty almost-sunset.  There were two big rocks standing upright down a cliff.  There was also a few amazing viewpoints to see the volcano.  Along the drive there, I couldn’t help but take a big gulp when I saw the hardened lava with moss on them all over the mountains around the area.  It sort of reminded me that life was fragile and that if the volcano felt like erupting right at that moment, we wouldn’t be able to survive it.  I also had to slow down for several sheep crossings along the way.   They always travel in threes because usually there are two babies with one mama.  I learned that from Google.  Make sure you keep your eyes open for those sheep.  They have right of way.

img_0012Another thing to note, there are speed cameras that are tourist traps all around the ring road.  You usually have a sign before you actually see the camera that warns you that it’s coming.  Drive 90 km/hr if you don’t want a ticket.  Tickets can go up to 300 USD, a ticket.  We probably got a few of those before we figured out that those were cameras.  Though I didn’t see any, sometimes you’ll find actual police parked on the side.  For your safety and for not having to pay a big fine, drive to speed limit. We also bumped into some horses along the way (we got lost).

img_0015We didn’t go far into the park because it was getting dark and there was a long drive ahead of us.  Driving in about three km to find a good place to have lunch, we stopped at one of the camp sites and climbed the lava kills to see if we could see black sand beach.  We didn’t find the black sand beach, but we did interrupt someone’s car camping experience.  Haha.  We took some pictures and scurried off to the light house where we were able to go to the washroom.  We then began our journey out.

That evening we ate in.  we wanted to save money and we wanted to relax at home after a terrible drive home.  For four hours, I drove in heavy rain.  There are no streetlights and it was windy as hell.  Sometimes, it may be safer just to park on the side to wait until the weather subsides.  I don’t know where my courage came from, but I got home safe.  Trucks seem to like to drive crazy fast in this weather.  Be careful.


The above is the lighthouse at Snaefellnesfoss.  Around there is a visitor’s information office and a washroom (this is important for those driving a long way).


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