Organic Farms: Apple Picking

img_20160911_114144Fall is here, and I’m celebrating.  Sweater weather is the best kind of weather.  Ignore the germ filled offices and the dried leaves, and fill your lungs full of cool air.  I invested in some new plaid shirts and pulled out my big scarves, I’m ready to roll.  Is it odd that I’m almost giddy to pull out my favourite ‘riding’ boots?  The weather hasn’t really dropped below 20 degrees Celsius, yet but I’ve been researching different ways to decorate my house for Thanksgiving. (Canadian Thanksgiving, that is)

img_20160911_113659Though, still really early in the season, my two besties and I went to Organics Farm to pick apples.  Pink Ladies to be precise.  We drove a quick half hour to the farm, where we were welcomed by a friendly face behind the cashier.  Our $10 deposit was placed and then we were off to the races.  Pretending like we knew things about apples, we spent our time finding the prettiest ones and posed with them in pictures.  Side note, all three of us were wearing plaid.  I took it a step further and wore overalls.  We didn’t send each other a memo for a dress code, but it was assumed.

The beautiful rows of trees were full of children playing and couples romancing.  The farm was at the top of a hill, and you could see a forest across the road.  I made a note to myself that I would come back to see the leaves change.  When we were done picking the green and red apples, we were distracted by the two black and white dogs, who were hanging out around the outdoor stone oven.  We spoke to the farm’s owner for a few minutes about the two year old Great Dane who was bigger than the five year old Border Collie.  That was when I got drawn to the amazing smell of apple pies being made from the stove.  Choosing my favourite one, we took all our apple bags, apple pie and fresh cut meat, to the cashier and paid.


That evening, I went home and make apple butter.  This is the recipe I used.  I have to admit, I was very happy to have my apple peeler handy.

I have no doubt that I would be back to pick some apples for apple pies later in the season.  I’m counting down the days for their pumpkins to be done (I’m pretty sure they’re growing pumpkins? I’m not sure, tbh.)

P.S. did I say I love fall?

P.P.S  It is 18 degrees Celsius and I am wearing a sweater with a big scarf.  😀


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