Terre Bleu: Lavender Field Yoga

img_0007A few years ago, I wanted to go to Terre Bleu to check out the lavender fields.  It being about an hour and half away from where I lived, really stopped my motivation to drive there alone.  Now, a few years after I’ve grown to want to do things on my own, I signed myself up for a yoga class at Terre Bleu lavender farms.  I didn’t end up having to go on my own.  My best friend arrived at the farm right on time and walked straight to the back of the farms.  We put down our yoga mats in the shade.  While applying sunscreen and bug spray, we looked across the fields of already bloomed and harvested lavender.  That particular weekend was the last weekend the farm was open to the public as all the lavender was already picked and changing into something useful.

img_20160820_121217We had a very calm and beautiful yoga practice with Ingrid, ending with a small cup of cold lavender tea and a lavender face towel.  Even if you weren’t good at yoga, those last two things were enough to draw you in for the class.  After a few pictures we were allowed to walk around the farmland to check it out.  We were able to catch the 12 oclock tour that was very informative.  Turns out, lavender is generally peaks at mid to end of July.  Because Terre Bleu, itself, has many different types of lavender, they don’t all bloom at the same time.  When they are at their biggest, the farmers cut them and bring them to the back where they make it into lavender oil.  This oil can be used for many things, such as soaps, body washes, food, etc.  Some of them are hung up to dry for bouquets; almost like poupouri.  In the back, they have a bee farm all painted purple.  Little, tiny houses for big bees that fly around freely, collecting pollen from the flowers all around.  When the tour ended, my bestie and I headed the store and checked out what was inside it.  Everything lavender, you could find there.  Not to mention, it smelled extremely beautiful inside.

Strolling through the far and a small ‘hike’ back to the yellow door. Yellow door, you ask? It’s Terre Bleu’s iconic yellow door in the middle of a lavender field.  Form of art and inspirational saying as well.  The door itself said, “Walk through the door, your worries behind you and your joys ahead” – Madeline E. Baird who was only 10 years old.  Pretty profound for a young person.  When I was 10, I was picking my nose and throwing tantrums.  Just kidding, mostly.  Walking back, we also passed a yellow chair beside a small stream.  We sat for a few moments before others began to come trying to take pictures.  Walking out of the ‘trail’, we arrived at a HUGE white bench and posed to take some silly pictures.  Suddenly, I was drawn to a field of beautiful yellow sunflowers.  I had overheard the owner talking about how she had struggled to get the sunflowers to grow this year.  It didn’t really look like she had a problem!  They were tall and amazing, all saluting to the sun.  Finally, we spent a few moments admiring the horses.  Yes, horses.  You can do equestrian rides here too. img_0020

img_20160820_130202When I first arrived, I was completely surprised at how beautiful the building was.  The modern style barn-like building was split into two.  One side, for the store and the other side for storage and ice cream selling.  We couldn’t resist getting some lavender ice cream before we left.  Side note: I’m not super fond of bugs, being a city girl and all.  I was holding my ice cream and a bee landed on my chest (I like to imagine it was a bee because I had a feeling it was a wasp. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bee land on me before. They’re super nice).  I surprisingly calmly asked my bestie if something was on my chest.  She slowly reached over and flicked it off.  With that, I dropped my lavender ice cream.  Thinking it would not be suitable for an adult to be crying because of dropped ice cream, I asked for some tissues and picked it back up.  The personelle saw that I had dropped it and gave me another scoop.  After learning how they made lavender oil, I knew that that second scoop must be cherished.

I would love to go back next year when the lavenders are all grown and the colours more vibrant.  I attempted to be a good photographer, but failed miserably.  But Next time I’ll be sure to get some help.

See you next year, Terre Bleu.



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