Romantic Picnics at Home

Picnics are such a romantic way to spend time with your loved ones.  It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it at a park under a big tree or in your backyard, it’s a sure way to have fun while indulging in some petite foods.  On a random Sunday, my girlfriends and I had an idea to host a picnic in my backyard. Blankets, pillows, plates and plates of finger foods.  We did some research on Pinterest to see what kind of things we could make it look more Boho chic.  Here is a list of things to make your picnic cute and girly.

  1. img_20160806_175736Other than the one that you’re sitting on (which could also be a bed sheet, we went with a white bed sheet).  Tell your guests to bring some blankets just in case they want to cuddle up in one later in the evening as it gets cold.  Otherwise, they make good extra layer to sit on or even just décor. The more colourful the better.
  2. Make it, pillows galore! Apparently, though we are a group of gals, we do not own many pillows that are suitable to be brought outside. But bring these pillows and place them on the edge so that people can lean or sit with them.  Your goal is to make it look like a big bed.
  3. img_20160806_181704Finger foods. The only reason you are there.  We made tuna sandwiches (bees came and took, literally, chunks of tuna away from our sandwiches), ham and Swiss sandwiches, watermelon cut into cute little shapes, strawberries and popcorn.
  4. I personally like some white wine or a spritzer at a picnic.  For nonalcoholic drinks, we had fresh watermelon juice and water with lemon and lime in it.
  5. Pretty containers/displays. For water, we used a cute jug but it wouldn’t stay seated so we had to leave it on my patio table.  We laid the wine down and I found a small tray to put the watermelon juice in.  We used a cake plate to hold the sandwiches and pretty plates and bowls to eat with.
  6. We hung our white Christmas lights in the trees so that we could turn it on in the evening but it never turned dark enough to actually see it.  But imagine, being in the dark and surrounded by small lights and twinkly stars.
  7. img-20160807-wa0003Try to get as much floral patterns in your sheets, blankets and pillows.  If not, buy a bouquet of flowers and place them on the side for décor.
  8. img_20160806_182345Dressing up. This is the most fun and hard part of all.  Dress Boho chic to tie everything together.  I, personally, don’t own anything really like that but I did find a romper that was loose and flowy.  Plus I had my beloved hat that I rarely wore.

That’s it!  It was such an easy way to make a fun night ahead.  Though, the bees were completely swarming our tuna sandwiches, the evening was lovely.  Chatting like we always do but in a very romantic way.  Lying down and relaxing with your girlfriends.  Taking pictures with polaroid cameras and being all hipster. Don’t think that you can only picnic in a park with your boyfriend; you can do it right in your own backyard. It’s all very highly recommended.

Have fun!



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