Top 10: Things to do in the Summer

Summer is such a precious thing.  Especially in Canada, because we have long and (sometimes) harsh winters that seem never ending, we want to make the most of the time when we can frolic in the sun without getting frost bite.  When the end of August comes and my favourite season of fall begins to show signs it’s coming, I like to reminisce about my summer and think about what had I actually done?  So, to celebrate summer and all its glory, I have composed a list of things that you must do every summer.

  1. Embrace nature – this is something that is so hard to do when you live in a city. This year, I didn’t manage to camp (portaging, hiking or even just glamping) so I’m going to have to say Elora Gorge was my way of embracing nature.  I also went to Scarborough Bluffs where we sat on some rocks and just took in the scenery.13Goal for next year: Cottage weekend

Read more about Elora Gorge here.

  1. Go on a trip – It could be just an hour away from your house at a bed and breakfast, camping four hours away, or flying away to another city. This year, I took a road trip out to Prince Edward County where I sent some time in Ottawa and some time in Belleville.

Goal for next year: Go on a big road trip with my gfs

Read more about my trip to Belleville here.

  1. Do something romantic – you don’t have to be married or in a couple for this. As a single person, I do a lot of romantic things such as go on dates, getting myself out there.  Don’t want to date?  My girlfriends and I had a boho-chic picnic in my backyard that was quite romantic.  The ambiance of the white Christmas lights, the candles and the comfy pillows and blankets made it romantic without the romance.


Goal for next year: make this an annual thing

Update: You can read about my picnic excitement here.

  1. Go to a festival – it’s the thing to do now. I typically don’t like to do such things because of the crowds but I think in the end it’s worth it.  A big part of the festivals aren’t really about the people you are there to see, but the people that you are there with.  Dancing happily with friends that are slightly intoxicated in a field surrounded by many others that are the same way?  Well, that’s just the perfect life.  Frustrated and annoyed, I stood watching my two best friends at the Ottawa Blues Fest jamming out to Zedds Dead.  It was a happy moment.


Goal for next year: go to Coachella

Read more about my trip to Ottawa here.

  1. See person you haven’t seen in ages – be it a month, be it twenty years. Reach out to someone that you always wanted to know how they are and rekindle a friendship that may bring you unexpected joy.  My university friends see each other only when one of our international friends come back to visit.  This year our Indian friend came back from Mumbai and brought us together 3 times.  Again, unexpected joy.

Goal for next year: See that girl from high school I only chat on FB once a year with

  1. Dress up – typically this happens for many ladies every day but I mean dress up. Wear those heels that you’ve been saving to wear for an occasion for dinner at McDonalds for all I care, it will make you feel so good about yourself.  It seem silly, I know.  Relatively this point is almost moot compared to others, but it isn’t.  trust me.  Don’t trust me?  I wore these crazy black and thin pointed high heels to breakfast at a family restaurant in short shorts and a pretty low tank top.  I’m sure I looked like a hooker but it made me feel fabulous.  I’ll do it again


Goal for next year: buy more sexy shoes LOL

P.S. I am so in love with this hat!

  1. Eat outside – BBQs. It’s key.  Whether you like propane, charcoal or bonfire, drag the family (or friends or spouse) outside for a meal.  Hey, if you don’t own a BBQ, why not just take your meal outside?  Have lunch at the park instead of at your desk.  I had two BBQs this year in my friend’s and my backyard.  It was so delicious.

Goal for next year: have a big backyard party

  1. Take a class you can’t take during the winter – Stand up paddling.   Outdoor yoga.  Summer ingredients cooking.  I literally only did one of those this year


Goal for next year: do more outdoor yoga

I will write about my experience doing yoga at Terre Bleu sometime soon…

  1. Beach or boat – which ever you like better. I was lucky to go on both this year.  What a life it is to float around in the water.


Goal for next year: buy a boat (yeah right)

Boating on Georgian Bay is my favourite summer past time. Info coming up soon!

  1. Make your own adventure – you don’t need mine or anyone else’s list to know what to do in the summer time!! Spread your wings and fly. Do something that you’ve never done before or something that you love doing.  All you have to do is: do something.

Note: Doing something does not include video games, phone app games (damn it, Pokemon Go!) or reading.  I have nothing against reading but you can do that during the winter.

Goal for next year: stop googling lists of things to do during the summer.  I don’t need to compare my life to others, as long as I am having fun.

I hope this list helped you with some ideas of what to do for your next summer.  My next big trip that is planned is in September and we’re going to Iceland!  I’m already hyped and extremely excited to tell you all about it.  Keep posted.  J



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