NYC : Visiting Lady Liberty

FB_IMG_1470833659117One weekend and on a whim, I decided that I wanted to go to New York City.  I tried to rally as many friends as possible to come with me.  I rented a car and took turns with my friends to drive the 7 hours down from the 6ix to the Big Apple.  We had a gas guzzling Impala but the luxurious interiors were comfortable.  Once we got there, we checked in at the Paramount hotel that is located on W 46th St, in the Theatre District and steps away from Times Square.  I had found it on, last minute for a pretty good deal.  Don’t tell anyone but the three of us shared a two person room.  The room was extremely small and just barely fit in a double bed.  The washroom wasn’t the best but you get what you pay for.

FB_IMG_1470833648665First things first, eat.  We were all starving so we went to a place around our hotel for food.  It was called Brasserie Athenee.  The food was okay but it was quite expensive.  I think the total of the meal was ab out $25 USD which was already outside of our budget but we were all too starving to really care. Then straight to Times Square we went.  Walking around and doing some shopping before we had to rush back to get changed for the Theatre.  The Phantom of the Opera was one of the cheaper options to go to, but when in NYC why would you miss out on broadway?  The show was spectacular.  I had never seen the Phantom and so the story was extremely touching as well.  On the way back, we bumped into Orlando Bloom.  Yep.  He was in town doing the Romeo and Juliet show across the street from our hotel.  Yeah, we were casual and ‘whatever’ about it.  Not.

FB_IMG_1470833633441The next morning we woke up and found ourselves at a café.  One that I, for the life of me, cannot remember the name of.  I am upset at myself for not documenting this because the food was amazing and was organic.  They also sold jam and organic coffee.  If we weren’t so full we would have bought something from the bakery next door.  Their croissants just smelled so great!

From there we walked (yes, walked) to the harbor where we got on a tour boat for the statue of liberty.  Suggestion: take a cab.  I was wearing heels and my feet were killing me.  Not to mention we were rushing for the closest time so we weren’t walking the slowest.  The tour was great.  A lot of references to 9/11, even after 6 years.  It was informative and worth it’s money.  We got some good shots of Miss Liberty and got to see New Jersey as well.  This is a sure thing to do when in New York.  I personally didn’t need to climb up the statue but if you’re into that, by all means.


The Museum of Modern Art was another place we really wanted to go to.  The Van Gogh exhibit was in town and we knew we had to see it.  We spent the rest of the day here and then heading to a pizzeria near our hotel for dinner.  New York is known for their pizza.  I thought they were known only for their cheesecake.  Either way, this pizza was great.  John’s of Times Square treated us well.


We were tired from the day of walking, but we got excited as we came back around to Times Square to take pictures and do more shopping.  My friend got her picture drawn – which was really good and we went to Sephora and bought too much make up.  We went back to the hotel and changed quickly.  We arrived at Serendipity Dessert (based on the movie Serendipity) and engorged in some huge ice cream sundaes.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford the $1000 gold flake Sunday.  From there, we spent most of the night trying to find a club that would let us in without being VIP or on a guestlist.  By 12 we were a little disappointed so we just went to a local bar where there was a dance floor.  Despite not having a plan, this was one of the best nights I had ever had with my girlfriends.

The next morning, slightly hung over, we made our way to Soho and managed to snag a FB_IMG_1470833567553table at Balthazar.  The food was exquisite and then we went to their bakery and bought something small for the road.  We spent another two hours (really pushing the envelope on time) shopping in Soho and I bought 2 pairs of boots for $150.  I still wear them to this day.

Almost mid day we began our trek back to Toronto and I drove all the way this time.  I almost crashed once because I fell asleep but we made it alive.  Drive safe people!

I miss NYC.  It truly is something different.  If it weren’t so darn expensive I’d be there all the time.  Sometimes I still day dream bout the sundae at Serendipity…


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