Chicago: Deep Dish Pizzasss!

FB_IMG_1470833722102I cannot believe that I have not FB_IMG_1470833826586written about the amazing Chi City.  Chicago: home of the deep dish pizza.  I mean, all my trips, generally are surrounded by food.  I arrived in the evening on a Thursday and was picked up by my friend.  I had a good meal at the airport (Wendy’s) so I didn’t bother eating dinner.  The next morning we woke up bright and early and she brought me to a breakfast place called Over Easy.  The atmosphere was so nice and the steak and eggs were amazing.

The Seadog is a speedboat that took you from the Navy Pier and around Michigan Lake.  It was big enough to fit about 50 people and prepared to get a bit wet.  They stopped at the furthest point so that you could take a picture of the Chicago skyline.  The 75 Minute tour included a tour guide that costed us a shocking $30 USD.  It was great, but I’m not completely sure it was worth that much.  We spent about half an hour walking around Navy Pier because it had a big Ferris wheel and small little rides for the kids.  Being as we were adults, we focused more on the eating aspect of it.

When you think of Chicago, what do you think of?  Yep.  The big bean.  It’s actually called the Cloud Gate that an artist named Anish Kapoor constructed in the early 2000s.  It’s shaped like a bean and it’s reflective.  We took our obligatory pictures and went on to shopping.  We spent a few hours at The Magnificent Mile.  Everything was a bit expensive for my taste so I didn’t really buy anything however, this ‘mile’ is stretched from North Michigan Ave. to Oak Street – that’s far!


FB_IMG_1470833775167We were tired from walking around all day so we decided to stop by Fat Johnnie’s Famous Red Hots to grab a famous Chicago Chili Dog.  Just thinking about it right now, makes my mouth water.  If I hadn’t already eaten so much during the day – snacking on random food shops, I would have had two.  Chili dogs are small, they’re even smaller than the Schneider hot dogs you buy in packs!  But the toppings are just…. Okay, moving on.

From there, my friend took me to Briar Street Theatre.  This is where Blue Man Group was born.  I asked my friend if she wanted to come with me to see it, but she said she had already so I went alone.  I often do things alone so I wasn’t too worried about seeing it alone.  Let me tell you, this show is worth every penny.  The tickets, if I remember correctly, were $60 USD.  The show was interactive and entertaining.  Both funny and both musically enjoyable.  After the show I got to take a selfie with one of the guys.  So modest was he, didn’t even want to talk.  Just kidding.  They all don’t talk when they’re painted blue.


Here came the most interesting part of the trip: taking the bus by myself home.  Thanks to google with wifi at Starbucks, I was able to find my way back via bus.  A little worried when it stopped at more sketchy parts, but that is typical of American cities.  But it got back to where my friend lived and was safe.  FYI, after this trip, I no longer went around without a working SIM with data.  I’m pretty sure that evening we spent in, chatting and just eating food that was made at home.  I finally got to spend some leisure time with my friend and her husband.

FB_IMG_1470833730954The next morning, I woke up early and grabbed breakfast.  I don’t remember where we
went.  From there my friend dropped me off at Willis Tower.  The line was long so she left me to it to get in on my own.  No use in her having to come in when she’s seen all of it.  Willis Tower is one of the tallest towers in Chicago.  They have the infamous square glass boxes that overhang the building for optimal sightseeing.  Honestly, I would have loved to have had a second person to help me take pictures here, because the other tourists didn’t really know how to do so.  I ended up paying $20 to get it professionally done.  You won’t need more than 2 hours here, if the line remains relatively short.  Make sure to go early. (see the first picture above for view reference)

FB_IMG_1470833765477In the afternoon, my friend brought me to a Eleven City Diner where I had their famous Steak Slider.  Juicy and tender, with a side of fries.  I think it was about $15 USD total (I had a drink too).  We roamed the city a little.  It was Saturday and we were waiting on my friend’s husband to come back from a few hours of work.

Jumping to the most important part.  I had deep dish pizza at Giordano’s.  Simply FB_IMG_1470833683735amazing.  Anybody that knows me knows how much I love cheese.  We ordered a medium for the three of us and we ended up taking half of it home.  All the cheese just makes it so rich that you can’t eat much past the one slice.  Though to this day, I dream of said pizza.  I have had Toronto copy cats before.  But what they say is true.  Chicago is the best at it.

To finish off the night, my friends took me to The Signature Room.  It is the highest part, much like CN Tower in Toronto, of Chicago.  The room is mostly glass and you can see the whole of the city.  The best view, they say is in the female washroom (sorry, boy suckas!).  It looks over to Navy Pier, which in the evening is even more magnificent to look at.  The drinks were overpriced and the hostess almost gave away our table twice, but in the end it was a great relaxing night.


My final half day in Chicago was a little sad because I had to leave my friends behind and go back to Toronto.  To celebrate our friendship, they brought me to a Korean-Mexican fusion place that made Korean style tacos.  We shared some fish, Banh Mi and steak tacos.  They were good.  Del Seoul really knew how to garnish their food and hit the spot.  And finally, being a cupcake connoisseur (because I bake em and love to eat em), we walked down the street to Molly’s cupcakes and bought me one last snack before my flight home.  Cookies and cream.  It was good but I still like the Toronto ones better.

Ah, Chicago.  The windy city.  Not because the weather always wanted to blow things away but the inconsistent politicians they had in their government.  It was a true culinary experience.  I couldn’t have expected less from it.  My friend still lives there and I dream of going back every so often but sometimes new adventures call.  Hope to see you soon, Chi City.



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