Mauritius : First time Scuba diving

I travel for weddings very often.  As I keep telling you, I will be heading to India soon for another wedding.  A few years ago I went to Mauritius, a small island off of the south east coast of Africa.  It was a week and a half vacation, full of sun and warm water.  The island is mostly immigrated people from Asia (East and South).  Because it’s a remote island off of the continent, there are no direct flights there so it is a likely that you are flying through Paris.  I flew with Air France and Air Mauritius.  I loved flight experience with Air France, though not so much with Air Mauritius.  In another blog I will quickly talk about my experience in Paris.  It was an eight hour quick trip into the city to take some pictures of the Eiffel Tower and eat a croquet madame.

When we arrived in Mauritius, my friend so graciously ordered a car to drive us everywhere during the trip.  There was an area right before you leave the airport where all the companies for money exchange were placed.  In terms of money, Mauritius uses their own rupee.  They always say that you should bring USD so that it is easier to exchange.  I didn’t find any problems exchanging my CAD, anywhere on the island.

We were brought to my friends’ parents’ vacation apartment.  We spent most of the trip living there.  Right across the street was a grocery store and Pereybere beach.  We were living in the tourist area and we found it very safe.  The only thing that you should keep your eye out for are walking off the side of the road because there are not a lot of sidewalks.  We dropped off all of our luggage and got ready for dinner.  We were picked up by a car and brought to a restaurant where we ate calamari and curry.  It is typical to find curry and seafood as that is what they usually eat there.  You will find that their type of food is like Hakka food, a mix of Indian and Chinese food.  That night we found out our friend was pregnant and that afterwards we would be clubbing.  It’s great to have someone hosting you in their home country because you usually don’t need to do any work in planning what you have to do.

That night we went to a bumping party beside a mansion.  The outside had a tent and a bar.  There was a fake robot that danced to the techno music.  A large group of us drank until we dropped and then busted some moves on the dance floor.  All I could tell from that night was that people were dressed really nice to go clubbing.  Also, the party life in Mauritius is amazing.

The next day we woke up and went to dinner just beside our apartment.  Because of the high amount of Hakka people, there are a lot of temples in Mauritius.  We went to a temple where I was involved in a small worship.  I really don’t want to sound ignorant but I was a bit freaked out about the chanting and drinking water from the same bowl.  My friends stood outside watching me.  I came out of it with a blessed flower and coconut.   I gave them to my friends.  For lunch we were taken to a mountain top restaurant where we had amazing food looking over the ocean.  Look how freaking beautiful it was.

We took a hike in the Chamarel park and saw it’s falls.  It’s was beautiful. We wanted to go to a sugarcane (this is what they are popular for) plantation but we were unable to.  We ended up going to pick up some rum – something else that they are popular for.  After that we went to Casela.  It is a zoo, animals free to walk around, though.  I managed to see a peacock but unable to take a good picture of it.  We almost went to pet the lions – but we were a little late for it as they were closing.  That evening we went to the grocery store and picked up some food for the week.  We had an apartment so we ended up making breakfast and sometimes dinner at home.  That afternoon we spent it on the beach to relax.  My friends and I booked some time to go scuba diving and I was put into the training for it.

The next day, in the early morning I was taken out to the water and I was tested to see
whether or not I can actually do scuba diving.  They made me put water into my goggles and blow it out with my nose.  This was the hardest part of the test because the salt water was burning my eyes very badly.  After lunch, we had some famous shish kabob buns at a food truck near the beach.  It was very good.  The food on the street turns out to be a big attraction for people.  After lunch I took a small review of things that I have learned and was taken out to sea in a small boat.  I didn’t realize exactly how fun it would be.  I was hooked.  I almost touched a sea urchin but thank goodness my friend was a licensed scuba dive trainer or else I worry that I could actually be really hurt.  I followed the instructor very closely because I was the only person that was new.  Suddenly, as I was watching a big fish swim past me into the darkness, I realized I was in the deep blue sea.  A shark could come up right behind me and I wouldn’t know.  I took a deep breath and looked back to the coral.  I saw an eel coming in and out of it’s hole and then I was asked to check my air levels.  I was very low so the group and I began to go up.  The bottom of this area was beautiful and I would do it again.  When we got to the top we held each other and waited for the boat to come back.  The ride back was so bad because I have bad sea sickness.  This is a must do when you go to Mauritius.  It’s amazing.

By the time we were all done, we decided to spend the day chilling on the beach and at the hotel – drinking the rum that we bought at the grocery store.  We knew that the next day would be a hectic one so we decided to sleep early to get ourselves ready for it.

Highly recommended place for a beach vacation with a side of nightlife and culture.   More on my trip next week.


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