Thailand : Best beaches


I went to Thailand about three years ago.  I took a Hong Kong tour bus with my parents at that time.  I must admit that I will likely going back without a tour and do it all freestyle-like but it’s low on my list now.  Let’s get down to it.

IMG_2661The first day we were driving around a small city near Bangkok where we stopped at a monkey show.  These monkeys were riding bikes and jumping through hoops.  Being a person that loves animals, I couldn’t help but feeling a little awkward and worried about those monkeys.  This little city was full of palm trees, random open gyms and definitely lots of scooters.  It made it all seem like India almost.  We were lucky enough to stay in 5 star hotels and had buffet breakfasts everyday.

The next part I’m going to talk about is my favourite of all my Asian trips so far.  Phuket.  The beach that is so popular does not disappoint.  The waters are clear blue and the sand was white.  The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was the amount of tourists and lack of cleanliness.  Here was where we ate sea food and more traditional Thailand foods.  Be sure to be very careful, as in India, of the food.  Inspect before eating.  Know exactly what you’re eating.  After a long drive to another city, we crashed beside the pool and took some pictures.


Speaking of eating, the next day for lunch we went to a Thai food specialty place to eat.  Lots of noodles but the best thing I had ever eaten was bird’s nest in coconuts.  After you get over the fact that you’re eating bird’s nest (google it if you want to), you’ll realize how amazing it tastes! I highly recommend Kinnaree Seafood Restaurant (hopefully it still exists).

In the evening we opted to watch a show.  Thailand is famous for their drag shows and transgender people.  I am going to tell you this.  Most of the ladies/gentlemen on the stage, I would have never wondered what gender they were.  Some of them were so gorgeous that I IMG_2705was even envious of how beautiful they were.  The show was upbeat, singing and dancing and even audience involvement. When the show is done, all the queens stand outside to take pictures with people.  You need to tip them and the prettier they are the more you have to pay.  More seafood is not a surprise when we drove ten minutes away to eat beside a pond.  Shrimp, crab, veges and fish.  De-licious! We were also taken to a shopping mall afterwards where there were options of spas (little fishies eating your dead skin on your feet) to expensive items that we can also buy in Canada.  My parents and I just ended up buying ice cream and got back into the bus.

The next day we went to Dream World.  It is an amusement park, visibly for children.  As three adults that were definitely too old for it, we spent the day taking pictures with the random statues and ended up going go karting.  Who won, you ask?  Why bother with that question, of course me.  Anyway, if you do not have children under 12 years old, do not go to this place as it really isn’t for adults.  I think the best part of it was when I got to spend some time away from my parents on a mushroom pedal boat.  Ah.  Lopsided and ready to mingle.

In the evening, we arrived in Bangkok and stopped by a small praying area in the middle of the city.  Flowers were laid everywhere and people just sitting or kneeling on the floor.  Look, even Ronald was praying.  We had the chance to go eat street food but to avoid getting sick, we decided just to have a drink in the hotel.  P.S. Siam Garden was the best hotel we had stayed at the whole trip.

There’s more to tell you!  I will post part II next Monday, March 28, 2016.  Thanks for tuning in.. off to bed now.



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