Brussels: Atomium and Sciency stuff

The last stop in Belgium that I went to was Brussels.  We didn’t have much time here because we were boarding a plane the next day.  We arrived to the best Air B and B apartment we had gone to the whole trip. It was a full apartment with nice linens and three bathrooms.  We were able to watch tv but the wireless was terrible.

We arrived around noon and unpacked.  Though everyone was very tired we decided to go out anyone.  When in Rome…  there were so many things that we wanted to do but we really only had enough time to do one thing.  The Atomium was where we ended up going to. Glad that they had a small food area at the tourist attraction, we stuffed our faces quickly.  The whole time I had this impression that it was going to be a large science museum.  I was pretty underwhelmed with the “science” in it, but I digress.

The building (if you can call it that) is shaped in an ‘atom’ style.  The core with the neutron and the electrons on the outside.  Have I bored you yet?  We walked through a door near an electron and walked up the stairs to the first information floor.  This floor talked about how animals and insects see.  I wasn’t so interested in the next three levels because I couldn’t even remember what I had looked at except some historical stuff about the Atomium.

Though there was one floor that I remember very well.  It was a floor with a semi circular projector.  It explained about how light travels.  Then stood on an escalator through a small tunnel that reminded me of a rave with all its neon lights.

We had gone through the museum the wrong way because when we went all the way downstairs we had to line up to get into an elevator that took us all the way up to the top.  The top floor was the 360 floor of Brussels.  It had just stopped raining but the view was beautiful.  You can see below the European Mini World which I really wanted to go to but had no time.  We could also see a restaurant that was closed and preparing for dinner service.  After taking a lot of pictures we went back downstairs to go home.

Arriving home which was very close to the Brussels University, as the rest of the group had stayed to rest, a friend and I headed towards a Thai place two block away.  We walked around the construction and ordered food for take out.  The area was not very different from downtown Toronto.  Everyone enjoyed their Asian food/last meal while watching a very weird movie about growing weed.

The next morning we headed to the airport when I had a huge scare thinking I had lost my phone.  Thank goodness some of our group had found it after giving the apartment one last check before heading to the airport.  We had arrived too early and my flight on LOT Polish Airlines had not even been open yet.

Let’s say my experience with LOT was not very good.  Though people on the plane were very nice, the line up to go to the plane was pushy.  I had landed in Warsaw for a few hours before my connecting flight, I found it weird as I was racing to the next terminal I had to go through security again.  When I got to my gate I had time left so I went to find food.  Remember, Poland doesn’t take Euros, they have their own money.  I was shocked when I found out the sandwich I wanted to buy was 50 euros.  Turns out it was 50 Polski.  Just an FYI there are no souvenir shops that sell postcards there.

All in all my first time to Europe was good.  I would have loved to spend some one on one time with my cousin and did some local things but there is no doubt that I will go back in the near future to visit.  I highly recommend going to Germany and Belgium.  I personally didn’t really like the food in Germany but the food in Belgium was great!


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