Bruges, Belgium: Chocolate Factory

Driving to Bruges was a tough ride because it was late, we were hopped up on beer (don’t worry I was already sober but the others were not) and it was dark.  Nonetheless we arrive in one piece and we weaved through the small and complicated streets of Bruges and parked our car underground.  We brought all the luggage into the hotel and set ourselves up for the night.

We stayed in the hotel called Bourgoensch Hof.  It was a fairly old hotel that had mismatched doors and a very nicely renovated washroom.  The drapery was very old but the beds were nice and comfy.  What the best part is our room had backed off the canal.  I woke up to sounds of swans quacking (?) to each other in the morning.  It was amazing.

After our complimentary breakfast downstairs, we got ourselves on a canal boat ride.  Make sure you sit at the front of the boat.  You don’t hear the captain at all in the back.  However, we did have amazing pictures without people’s heads in them except ours.  Unfortunately we had arrived on a cold and wet day so make sure you bring layers.  We saw a lot of historical buildings and more swans up close.

When the boat ride was done, we walked around to find the Chocolate Tales.  Do you remember the last blog where I was so happy about the Stella Artois tour?  This was not as amazing but still pretty good.  This place had a museum of chocolates where we could see how the most coveted thing to excite me was created.  The Mayan statues, their tools and what they used it for to what the British people used it for.  You say, Marina, we can get this information off the internet what is so amazing about this tour?  You go to the top floor where you see a demonstration of how chocolates are made and what’s the best of molding them.  At the end of the “lecture” you get to eat one and maybe steal a few more for after.  Needless to say I did end up buying bag fulls of chocolate.  Belgium chocolate is the most famous around the world.  They were not lying about how good it is.  Man… my mouth is drooling right now just thinking about it.  Unfortunately even with the bag fulls I didn’t manage to keep some for myself.

We went to have some croquet monsieur and mussels after.  I was sick of meat and beer at this time so I got a wine instead.  When we were all full and warm we walked around to see the  Burg Square and did a lot of shopping (again).  For dinner we went to the Chicken and Pig restaurant right across from our hotel.  I was not very impressed by the food, but it might not have been because it wasn’t good but because I was feeling sick.  I had the beef stew and I felt like puking just looking at it.  I ended up leaving dinner early by myself and went to the hotel to sleep.  The others had Belgian waffles and ice cream.  I was very disappointed they didn’t find a way to save me some.

The next day was a relaxed morning.  People who needed to buy things went after breakfast by little groups and the others hung around their hotels and had breakfast on their own time.  By the middle of the day it was time for us to start heading towards Brussels.


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