Stuttgart and Nurburgring : Potatoes and Race cars

After our stay in Munich, we started driving to Stuttgart.  Other than the fact that there was a lot of construction, the drive to Stuttgart was beautiful.  As many know there is a vast lands for trees and farms in Germany.  As I was jamming to my pop music, the drive did not scare me.  People drive ridiculously safe in Germany.  Compared to the Torontonian drivers that I experience everyday, I thought I was in car heaven.

We only stayed in a very sketchy apartment in Stuttgart for one night.  Our apartment was on a high slant but there was a subway station right outside of our apartment (the only plus).  I thought I was going to get mugged in that area.  However, the rest of Stuttgart was beautiful.  My friend who was taking us around had explained that Stuttgart is a student’s town.  Though small, we arrive at the center of the city where we took pictures in front of a palace.  This palace are is literally called “New Castle”/Neuss Platz.  In front of the palace there was a large statue on a even taller pedestal of King Wilhelm.  I had made a comment on how the “platz” was so new because most of the area was renovated because of the World Cup.

We arrive pretty late into the day so by the time we arrive and finished walking around the plaza, we were going to eat dinner.  We had traditional Bavarian food.  We had lots of meat and a lot of beer.  I had a vegetarian meal which was essentially a potato salad.  I think that was the best meal and most comfortable meal I had had during the trip in Germany.  The waiters were much nicer in Stuttgart because there was less tourism.  I really didn’t know Stuttgart was a small city.

After dinner we had a quick walk around the downtown area where we saw a statue representing the former king.  It essentially meant that the eyes and ears of the king was always there.  There was also a small art form that consisted of 4 blocks stacked and falling on each other.  This symbolized all the Jewish people that were killed in the World War II.

We then spent the night in the sketchy apartment where I bumped into a very cute guy who lived upstairs.  Nothing came of it so, stop it! That night was one of the worst night sleeps that I had during the 1.5 week trip.

In the morning began our 4 hour drive from Stuttgart to Nurburgring.  Nurburg is a town, ring actually means ring.  This is where we had raced cars on a track.  This place is infamous to all drivers.  There were Porsches zooming by mini vans full of children.  The only thing you really needed was money to get on the track and the nerves to drive on it.  I watched as a man driving almost a quarter of the speed as the Porsches and BMWs with his right clicker on the whole time.  See? What did I say about how amazing the German drivers are.


After th seemingly quick but terrifying race we headed to our sleeping destination.  This was in Gulpen, Netherlands.  Despite the fact that we did nothing in this town, the stay was great.  We arrived, moved everything in extremely steep stairs. I thought I was going to fall down 5 or 6 times. Thank goodness there were men on this trip.  We had dinner at a Greek restaurant in downtown Gulpen.  It was AMAZING.  You would never consider this a place for Greek food.  The portions were huge (we were hungry) and we ended up coming home with 4 boxes of food, that we ended up throwing out because we didn’t’ have time to heat it up.  Trust me, if I ever go to the Netherlands I will definitely go back to this place.

We stayed in our very nice apartment for the night.  I watched TV until I fell asleep and cleaned up my luggage.  This was mid trip so I figured it’s time to make sure I have enough souvenirs and clothing to wear.  I wrote a little in my travel diary and went to bed.   The next day we were getting up early to drive to have breakfast across the street (in the hotel, which was subsequently included in our night’s stay).

So that was the end of my trip to Germany/ Netherlands, I would be driving to Belgium the next day. I can’t wait until the next time I arrive back to visit my friend, my cousin and to check out the rest of the Netherlands.


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