Guang Zhou : Visiting My Roots

China is huge and honestly I was quite apprehensive going there.  As I arrived by the bullet train from Hong Kong to Guang Zhou, I was greeted with a small airport that almost looked like a small school.  From there I went on to visit my uncle, aunt and cousin in the center of the city.  We walked around in beautiful parks and, of course, and a lot of emperor buildings.

Guang zhou was a busy city full of scooters and bicycles.  When I was there I went to a restaurant that was backed to a beautiful pound full of lotus leaves.   The food was good and the company was better.  This place we had dinner included a lot of seafood and pork.I had met my extended family I never knew existed.  They had stories about war, photography and my grandmother.  The most important person I remember visiting was my aunt.  She was 95 years old and was not able to move out of her bed.  I’m glad that I had met her then because a week later she had passed away.

 The next few days my mother and I did a lot of shopping.  As it may be obvious everything is very cheap there.  The quality may not be as good as the in store ones, but it would do the job.  Everyone time I walked by the food stands on the street I thought to myself “resist the smell”.  The food always smelled good but the result is hours on the toilet.  NEVER EAT STREET FOOD IN CHINA.

Hotels.  Hotels are very nice in China.  This was a huge surprise to me.  However, my parents explained to me that the hotels are torn down every three or four years because the quality of the construction is so bad, after two years the hotel starts to get run down and have a lot of problems so they tear it down and build another hotel from scratch.

I spent the rest of the day going to Lychee Bay and saw some of the many old architecture that I would experience in China.  This Bay is really a canal that has a lot of old fashioned boats floating in it, waiting for tourists to come and take a ride.  This area was very odd place because as you are walking along the canal, you see the new and tall condo buildings.  This place is definitely a peaceful place in a very busy town, despite it being a tourist area.  The area was kept quite clean and tidy.  Along the end of the canal we there was a small water fall that was quite beautiful.  

We began to walk back to the hotel and along the way we went to my uncle’s favourite restaurant.  The restaurant had traditional Guang Zhou food with fried rice, steamed fish and minced pork.  The restaurant was called “Yu tong” (fish hall) restaurant.  

After a quick shower I met my uncle in the “downtown” area of Guang Zhou where we saw the Pearl river where there were lit up bridges and some old Chinese architecture.  There were also a lot of statues.  This area was the rich part of town where there were old houses that past government leaders have lived.  Honestly, I genuinely enjoyed my time in
Guang Zhou, it was a big enough city that I was able to get a variety of entertainment and scenery but it was small enough for me to actually see what the city was all about.  At no particular time did I ever feel unsafe or had a stomach ache.  I can’t wait to go back to where some of my origins are.


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