Kansas City : The City of Fountains


I didn’t think I would travel for work as much as I do right now but i really enjoyed my second trip with my company in Kansas City, Missouri.  Kansas City is known for the many fountains that they have around the city.  I did see many but I only took one picture of the fountain in the middle of Crown Center.

IMG_20160130_131559On the weekend, when I wasn’t working, I went around downtown Kansas City to do some ‘touristy’ stuff like I always do.  The main attraction I wanted to see was the Aquarium.  If you are from Toronto or San Fransisco or Alabama, I wouldn’t suggest going to this aquarium.  The aquarium is located at the Crown Center area and it’s called Sea Life.  It is connected to Legoland and across the IMG_20160130_124627street is the Hallmark Visitor’s Center.  When you first walk in it is twenty dollars to get inside.  This place isn’t really for adults, they cater to children because there are paintings and cute random facts on the wall as you walk through the
aquarium.  The best part of the trip was seeing the tank above you.  The unfortunate part is that you can see the railings above the tank, I guess I am very spoiled with the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.  Another thing that was a highlight was the pretend scuba mask that they give you.  See how cool I look!  The next thing we did was go into the Crown Center and do some souvenir shopping.

We pretty much did everything we wanted to do in that area IMG_20160130_143949because we the rest of things like kaleidoscope, we knew, would be too childish for us.  So we decided to go do something more adult, which is go for a tour at the Boulevard Brewery.  We were very lucky because I booked the tour early, but if you were to go right half an hour before the tour starts you will not get a spot.  The tour was amazing because the host was awesome.  He was funny and the tour itself was very interesting.  This is highly recommended.

We were running out of things to do so we decided to drive out (about 15 minutes drive) to the Arrowhead Stadium.  It costs $30 USD to go inside for a tour at 11am or 1pm. On the other side of the street is where the Kansas City Royals (baseball) play.  If you are a big sports fan, you will want to come here.


IMG_20160130_200841For dinner we went to Joe’s Kansas City BBQ.  As it says here, it’s not surprising that it is world famous.  The line up goes outside of the door and the ribs and pulled park are amazing.  I also had the potato salad which I was also very impressed with.  It’s so much food that you can probably get two meals out of it.  This is a MUST EAT!!

The next day I went to Legends Outlet Mall.  I bought too much stuff. I had an amazing time on my own shopping my butt off.  Because the Canadian dollar is very low right now it wasn’t much of a deal, but if you were to be using American dollars, it can be worth it.

During the week, my coworkers and I went to Jack Stacks BBQ IMG_20160203_124239near the Kansas City Convention Center and Kauffman Center.  This place could give Joe’s a fight for the top BBQ in America.  I had the pot roast on a bone… I mean the crown pribe rib the second time I went there.  I also had a loaded baked potato and creamy coleslaw.  I didn’t have to eat dinner that night.  It’s so good I couldn’t take the rest of it home.  The first time I went, I had the baby back ribs, their famous cheesy corn and famous bbq beans.  That was also AMAZING.  Just go here.  Another MUST EATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

The last day I was in Kansas City I had the best pie I had ever IMG_20160205_131536had in my lifetime on Earth.  It was a banana split pie at Corner Cafe in Riverside.  This place had all day breakfast and a variety of dining options but the bakery was by far the biggest seller.  I arrived and had an Italian Sausage breakfast.  Out of the casing ground pork with Italian seasoning.  The hash brown was buttery and practically melted in your mouth.  The eggs were huge!  Anyway, back to the highlight, the pie was huge and wasn’t too sweet.  The banana filling with small pieces of cherry and strawberry gave the sweet taste a little tang.  There was a tall layer of whip cream on the top.  It looked like the crust of the pie was made with whole wheat, but it was amazing anyway.  Again, another MUST EAT!

Staying at the Argosy Casino and Spa Hotel wan’t the best.  TheIMG_20160205_192820 rooms were in amazing condition and the washrooms/showers were very spacious but the restaurants downstairs weren’t particularly good.  I went to The Journey: Wood fire Steaks, the steak was good but the crab bisque was extremely salty and the creme brulee was very thick.  I heard that the buffet was very big and they had crab legs on the weekends, though it was quite expensive.

All in all, my work trip to Kansas City was great.  Clearly all i did was eat, but it was well worth it.


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