The Golden Triangle : New Delhi


The capital of India is Delhi.  This was the last day before I was sent off back to Canada.  Our good personal driver managed to keep us safe as we drove 120 km/hr.  This is where we passed about 5 car crashes, one including a 45 car pile up where 26 people died.  Our driver told us that Indians aren’t really used to driving in fast speeds on the highways because it could suddenly become very foggy and visual is minimal.  It took us about 4 hours to arrive from Agra to Delhi.

When we finally arrived we were taken straight to the hotel.  We dropped off all our bags and then we headed over for some sight seeing.  That day should have been just a relaxed day but because I was leaving the next day, my friends and I decided to do some sight seeing.

The first place we went to was the Lotus Temple.  Since we were in a little bit of a rush, all we did was walk into the park area and take pictures of the temple.  The lotus temple isn’t actually called that, it’s name is actually Bahai House of Worship.  This magnificent structure shaped like a lotus had a large park full of greens around it.  We were told that we had to take off our shoes to get into the temple. Instead we went to the washroom.  Just the line to get into the park was a 10 minute wait.  It had appeared that the wait to get into the lotus was about 20 minutes wait.  I don’t regret not going inside, the outside was already a treat enough.

The next place we went was, ironically, a mosque.  We arrived at the Qutb Minar and sinceIMG_20160108_164700 we were without a tour guide, we were bombarded with offers of guides.  As per instructions from the driver, we didn’t get one we decided to do it on our own.  We bought tickets at the “foreigners” line and when into, again, a large park with lots of greens.  The Qutb Minar was build by an Islamic King.  It included a lot of, what looked like, European arches.  The main attraction of this place was the large chimney-like tower.  It had a lot of intricate carvings on it.  It was insanely tall.

IMG_20160108_175842We arrived at the Kingdom of Dreams at around 5 pm.  We had some money on a card for us so we were trying to find things that we could buy for it.  Food was very cheap there so I got a hotdog and then we headed to the show.  Unfortunately we were told that there was a lot to do there.  That person was lying to us.  We watched the show… *cough* I mean my friends watched the show which was in Hindi and I slept through it.  It was more entertaining than the Taj Mahal show but I didn’t understand a word of it so I fell asleep.  But the main character is a big Bollywood actor and the rest of them were equally great.  Singing and dancing had to be part of it.  That and I was still jet lagged.

We arrived at the five star hotel outside of Delhi at around midnight.  There was a large group of Chinese tourists there.  The people were very courteous and thanked us for waiting. I only got to stay at the hotel for a few hours before I had to wake up and head to the airport.  I must admit, I am sad that I missed out on the tub in the washroom.

IMG_20160109_080506The next morning, I woke up at 6 am and we began to hit up some other tourist areas along the way to the airport.  We did a drive by of parliament house, the Gate of India, and some army troops training.

I’m not going to lie, I was very happy to arrive back in Canada.  My flight from Newark (the worst airport in the world) to Toronto was cancelled.  Thank you Air Canada/Air India/Newark Airport.  I got sent to La Guardia and quickly ran to the gate and was put on a plane I was on standby for.  More and more I see the results of ‘everything happens for a reason’.  If I hadn’t left my luggage with the woman at Newark for her to send it directly to Toronto, I wouldn’t be able to board the plane so quickly at La Guardia.

Incredible India is a beautiful country, no matter how the media portrays them.  Be careful of how you dress and how you act around the people around you and you’ll be fine.  Travel in groups and make sure you go with a trustworthy travelling agency.  I will never forget the experiences I have had in India.  Congratulations Cathy and Lawrence. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and can’t wait to see you back in India the next time.


First stop : Jaipur

Second Stop : Agra – Taj Mahal


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