Divine Trips: Plymouth, Michigan

Concerned and worried that the hotel I was going to stay in would be a piece of sh*t and gangsters all around me, I arrive to Hilton Plymouth pleasantly surprised.  Luckily, a close friend of mine was in town for business as well and we met up all week to do things together.  I have never had work require me to travel so much as what I do now and I’m very happy that it is happening.  If I had a choice, I would be travelling as work and blogging until my heart’s content.  However, like most travel bloggers, work is required to fuel the cost of travelling.

Before I start babbling about how the Canadian dollar is pretty crappy right now and that travelling alone soothes the soul, I should start talking about the topic on hand.  I drove all the way to Plymouth by myself and it took about 4 hours to do so.  I arrived at the hotel and settled down.  The hotel was modern and very clean as is most Hilton’s.  I had a queen sized bed, a 40 inch tv and a mini bar.

After waiting for my friend to get off work, we went to happy hour at 5pm (as it closes at 6pm) at The Sardine Room.  Oysters were only a buck each and many other specials that were also steals.  We had fries (staple), cheese platter, fried squid, and a very stiff cocktail.  The whole thing only costed 30 USD each.  I wish I was back there to eat more…  Before we going into a food coma, we went to Cantoro, an Italian market, to buy some desserts.  Their choices were impeccable, from cannoli to tarts to tiramisu.  I was in love.  We took all our food and retreated back to his hotel room to eat.  Surprisingly we didn’t eat all of it on the same night.

Let me take a moment to describe the scenery.  It’s like walking into the Gilmore Girl Township.  You drive to the downtown core and there are all these donated Christmas trees all lit up in the center with some carols playing in the background.  The stores everywhere are lit up with Christmas lights and everyone is in warm winter coats.  It was beautiful.


The next day, we were at work (separately) and I ended up going to Rusty’s for lunch.  The prices were a little more than I expected but the portions were huge.  Their special chef’s salad is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.  I was a little surprised when she asked me how I wanted my burger done.  I don’t think you can eat ground beef raw, but I digress.  In evening we went to Izakaya to eat dinner.  The restaurant had a very nice Japanese feel and the people making the food were actually Japanese.  That’s a surprise to me now because in Toronto the Japanese restaurants are usually run by Chinese or Korean people.  We ordered a ramen, gyoza, and sushi of course.  Then we retreated back to the hotel to watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It was underwhelming but I enjoyed watching Selena Gomez performing.

1The second day of work there, I had Jimmy John’s for lunch.  The sub was fantastic but I am not a big fan of hard bread.  I’ll probably stick with my Subway next time.  In the evening we went straight to the Detroid Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens’ hockey game.  Such a close game but we ended up losing.  I was surprised to see that there were the same amount of Canadien fans as there were Red Wings fans there.  Turns out many Canadians go to Detroit to watch hockey because it’s much cheaper to buy tickets (plus the Leafs are sucking right now in Toronto).  We had wings at the stadium.  They weren’t the best but that’s what you get : overpriced food that is mediocre.


The fourth day in Plymouth was a relaxed day for me as I 3only had to be at work in the morning for about 3 hours.  I went to Compari’s downtown to eat lunch.   I had my Tina Fey book and lasagna.  This restaurant had an amazing atmosphere: lively but romantic.  Then I went to the mall in the next township. I bought some things on sale but there wasn’t much good stuff on sale so I reverted to having some DQ instead.  Because it was the Christmas season the mall was insane so I left quickly after I got what I needed.  In the evening, my friend and I went to an Indian restaurant in what I call “Brampton” as there so many Indian restaurants there.  The restaurant is called Aroma.  The food was great but the service was a little weird.  I think they were expecting us to order more?  I’m not sure but it almost felt like they were like.. and?… and?  No that’s it… and?  Lol.  After that we went to Target to just walk around, as a shopaholic I bought some stuff that isn’t that useful, and then went back to the hotel to sleep.

The last day, my friend and I both left Plymouth at the same time.  We met in London, Ontario to eat lunch at The Root Cellar.  The food was good and everything was raw or vegetarian.  I was surprised at how good the food and their shakes were. Then I bagged my rental car into a truck – I freaked out and then I went home and realized that I had insurance.  So it was all covered.

I must admit I was so happy to have had this trip especially with my friend there as I could spend some alone time with him and eat our faces off.  It’s nice to travel with someone that has the same travelling style as you.  I wouldn’t suggest Plymouth as a place for someone to vacation or have a trip in but it definitely is an amazing place for a work trip: amazing restaurants, nice downtown, people are courteous and it’s close to Detroit for sporting events.


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